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    One Stop Color Shop


    The Fox Fam was born out of a love for animals and color. We’d be remiss if we didn’t continue to deliver on our promise to give you a place to be yourself with products that are high quality, DIY friendly, and obviously… colorful.

    The first ever Foxology by Arctic Fox nail polish collection is here to offer the same vibrant, long-lasting color of our iconic hair dye. Our Colorful AF collection pays homage to our best-selling shades, with each nail lacquer syncing up to one of our beloved hair dyes. We’re giving you the chance to mix and match with long lasting color for your hair AND nails.

    As always, our nail polish is vegan and cruelty-free.  Its 15-Free Formula contains five key nail enriching ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe, and Biotin, tackling day to day issues like weak, brittle, and yellowing nails. 

    We’re here to be your one stop shop for all things color. We love watching you express yourself with Arctic Fox and allowing us to continue our mission of donating proceeds to help prevent animal cruelty. Once you buy your favorite polish colors, don’t forget to show off and tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor <3 

    Our Favorite Fall Mixes!

    Fall is finally here, Fox Fam! 🤪🍁 We’ve gathered some of our favorite hair color mixes for all of your fall hair transitions. ✨  From warm tones to dark smokey hues, we’ve got all of your Fall color inspo in one place. Sit back, relax, and get ready to get inspired! Here are some of our favorite color mixes that we’re loving this season.

    Feel the (Burn)gundy 😏


    This one is so nice, we had to mix it twice. Burgundy tones make us feel ALL the feels, and for good reason. Try it yourself by mixing Frosé and Ritual (top) for a lighter take on the trend, or go dark by mixing Ritual and Blue Jean Baby (bottom) for a richer color that’s also friendly to darker hair bases!

    Dream of Green(ie)

    One of our highest requested mixes this season! Forest green has become one of your favorite shades (and ours too 😉). This mix is suitable for just about ALL hair base levels, showing up vibrantly of prelightened hair, and as a gorgeous tint on darker bases. 🌲 Try it for yourself by mixing Phantom Green Aquamarine and a touch of Transylvania.

    Ginger Spice

    Our ginger spice mix is one of our most beloved mixes of all time, and for good reason! 🧡  This custom shade requires a base of Cosmic Sunshine, a bit of Sunset Orange and a dollop of Purple AF to create this ginger tone. BUT, you can also modify the mix to achieve a more coppery tone by adding in more Sunset Orange and Purple AF to the mix!

    Let’s Get Witchy 

    Did someone say… smokey purple? 😏💜 To say we’re OBSESSED with this shade, would be an understatement. Want to turn heads? Try this truly unique shade (suitable for darker bases) by mixing up Violet Dream and Transylvania!

    Let us know in the comments below if you will be trying any of these mixes!

    No-Heat Hairstyles for Dyed Hair

    Recently changed the color of those gorgeous locks? It’s time to give that mane a break and switch up the hair routine with some no-heat hairstyles. Yes! Your hair needs a break every now and then from curling irons and flat irons to recover. Here’s some easy and fun no-heat hairstyles for dyed hair you can try this season!

    Space Buns

    Can’t go wrong with this whimsical hairstyle! This hairstyle requires minimal effort but makes you look like the trendy queen you aspire to be. Simply split your hair into two parts (you might want to add some AF Money Hunny Repair Serum to keep those buns nice and slicked back) and make two ponytails. You can also play with this style and wear your buns high or low! Once those ponytails are made simply wrap them tight around and use bobby pins to secure your bun. You can create a messy space bun or a super sleek bun, there’s so many ways to make this hairstyle funky!

    Heatless Curls With Overnight Braids

    Tend to reach for the snooze button every morning? We’ve got the perfect no-heat hairstyle for you! The best overnight heatless curls come from damp clean hair, so make sure you give your hair a nice wash with Arctic Fox Resurrected strengthening shampoo & conditioner! If you’re looking for a looser morning curl then separate your hair into bigger sections (2 can work) and make yourself some simple french braids. For a tighter curler create smaller sections that you can make into smaller french braids. The smaller curls will take a little extra effort the night before, but once you wake up you simply undo the braids and voila!

    Slicked Back Ponytail

    Nothing says chic with no effort like a slicked back ponytail! If you’re one of those gals that washes your hair once or twice a week this style is great for those in between days. You can always spray some Arctic Fox Road Trip Dry Shampoo to give your hair a quick boost if it’s feeling too oily. To get this look, comb your hair thoroughly into a ponytail, add a little AF money hunny serum to tame any baby hairs- this will help you achieve that sleek finish! Pull it to your preferred style by wearing your ponytail high or low. 

    Let us know if you try any of the no-heat hairstyles for dyed hair  in the comments!

    Foxology: What’s Your Weekend?


    First, there was Something For Everyone, from black cats to rainbow cotton candy. We sold out of some of our most popular nail gel strips just after launching because you loved them THAT much. Now, we’re excited to introduce our latest Foxology Nail Gel Strips Collection, What’s Your Weekend?, inspired by all the fun things we know the Fox Fam does on their days off. These next 12 gel nail strips will take you from a day at the museum to a late night tattoo session. With new colors, prints, and patterns, make sure you have your camera ready to snap away the memories.


    Start your weekend off with a BFF coffee date at your local coffee shop. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your mani matching that amazing latte-art from your favorite barista. 

    Feeling the need to slow down after a long week? Zen out with this calm and serene manicure. Once your nails are done, pop into a yoga class, focus on your breathing and reconnect with yourself. Namaste, babe.

    Overall, this collection has more neutral shades and tones which we LOVE for fall. If you’re running out the door, all you need is 10 minutes to achieve a salon-worthy manicure. This minimalist design goes with any look and is truly a work of art on its own.   

    Disneyland anyone?! Hit the park with your besties or solo. Just make sure you find Minnie Mouse. If anyone will appreciate gold bows and polka dots, it’s her!   

    We know our Fox Fam loves bold colors and of course, animals. We also know you love spending time getting some fresh ink. With so many of you covered in tattoos, we knew we had to add some “Ink” to our latest Foxology collection!

    Don’t forget to check out our 2 minute video on how to apply Foxology Gel Nail Strips!