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How to Get Green Goddess Hair with Arctic Fox’s Iris Green

Ever wished you could bottle the essence of springtime and wear it on your head? Enter, Iris Green - a forever favorite that captures goddess energy in a bottle. This vibrant, grassy green has been a chart-topping shade for what feels like forever, and for good reason. So, what exactly is Iris Green? It's a medium-light green that leans cool, thanks to its subtle bluish undertone (think fresh leaves, not swamp monster). Unlike some super dark greens, Iris Green loves a light-colored canvas to truly shine - levels 8 and lighter give the best results. If your hair's a bit darker blonde, don't fret! Adding a touch of our highly pigmented Phantom Green (think emerald!) to Iris Green can give you that green goddess look you crave. Just remember, pre-lighting is usually your BFF for achieving the most vibrant and accurate Iris Green. Ready to take your green game to the next level? We got you! Level Up: Iris Green on Different Hair Levels This shade is a medium grassy green shade which turns out best on hair that is pre-lightened to a level 8 or lighter. If your hair's a bit darker than level 8, Iris Green might give you a subtle green tint, but for a bolder look, consider Phantom Green. Feeling adventurous? Adding a few drops of Transylvania to Iris Green creates a magical emerald dream. Just sayin'. ✨ Get Faded: How Iris Green Says Sayonara Iris Green fades beautifully, too! It tends to go down a softer, minty route, so you won't be left with harsh lines or weird colors. Just keep in mind that for the longest-lasting, most vibrant green, using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner is key! Iris Green Mixology: It's a Party! Iris Green is all about playing nice with other colors. Feeling a more intense green vibe? Mix Iris Green and Phantom Green in equal parts for a show-stopping medium green. Want a teal masterpiece? Iris Green and Aquamarine are your new best friends! Here are some other ways to dye: Neon Dream + Iris Green = Electric Lime Green Perfect for those who like to light up a room… literally! All you need is 20% Iris Green, 80% Neon Moon on a level 10 base! Girl's Night + Purple AF + Iris Green = Smoky Purple Because who says green can't be mysterious? 80% Girls Night, 10% Purple AF, 10% Iris Green is your elixir for this magical look! Diluted Iris Green = Minty Fresh Blue Level 9+ base recommended for this one. Drop 10% Iris Green into 90% Arctic Mist Diluter and voilá! Iris Green + Aquamarine = A Mermaid Mix Come on in! The water’s warm 😉 Mix up 90% Iris Green and 10% Aquamarine for this tantalizing shade. Show Us Your Green Glory! @purple.mermaid in Iris Green @mikayla.goldiloxx in Phantom Green, Iris Green, and Poseidon @cakefacedcutie in Iris Green @ihatedeanfromgilmoregirls in Iris Green and Poseidon

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