Q&A with Spanish Artist @renosaurio | #FoxFamily

Jimena Reno is a student and an amazing artist and MUA, winner of Nyx Spain Face Awards 2016! Not to mention, her magical unicorn hair leaves us with the feels.

Tell us about yourself!
I'm a 21-year-old Fine Arts student. I love everything related to creating- I couldn't imagine myself without art or creativity. And of course traveling always as much as I can. Wherever it is, exploring new places makes us evolve so much!

What’s something not many people know about you? Not necessarily a secret, but something that just doesn’t come up in conversation...

Magical space princess @cloeeshi | #FoxFamily

Cloe is all about glitter and rainbows, which is probably why we adore her. Read on and get to know this sparkly beaut!

Tell us about yourself!
I'm originally from Vietnam. I came to the US 2 years ago to get my bachelor's degree in Business. I have 2 birthday (It's a long story) one real birthday on December 24th and one on birth certificate January 2nd ;) I'm a dog lover.

 What does your typical day-to-day look like? 
Lay on the bed and do nothing.

Just kidding!...

Chit Chat with Rainbow Mermaid @maggietorials | #FoxFamily

Maggie Roberts is a Vlogger, hair and makeup artist, and one dazzling mermaid. She was kind enough to answer some questions!

Tell us about yourself!
I just barely moved to LA, like a month ago after being in Mexico for almost four years.  I am bilingual now. I am 22, and something I don't tell most people is that I was married for 3 years and that's why I lived in Mexico. At the moment I am finishing up a divorce.

What does a day in the life of Maggie look like?

We had fun getting bored with @mainlyboredom | #FoxFamily

Ariane Valentine might be @mainlyboredom on Ig. But she's mainly amazing to us. Read below to find out why!

Hi Ariane! Tell us about yourself!
I’m 23, I was homeschooled by my very Dominican mother, I was raised in Switzerland and still live here, I have BPD (borderline personality disorder) and I’m some kind of weird social media ghoul.

What does a typical day look like to you?
No day is the same but definitely A LOT of food. So much food!

What's your favorite day...

Q&A with Rachael Castro @j0uzai | #FoxFamily

Rachael was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Tell us about yourself!
I never know how to answer this! Well, my name is Rachael, I'm 21 and I live in California. I go by jouzai or j0uzai on my social media, a name I took from a song in an anime. I'm studying neuroscience in college and I work as a supplementary instructor for chemistry and as a chemistry tutor for my college.

I also love animals and have a sweet precious radiant doggie named Angel who is...