Q&A with @themermaidchapters | #FoxFamily

You can find this succulent plant mama dreamin' about a million stars and creating cool 3D art. What else does Avalon have in store? Read on!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Avalon?

A 20-year-old nerd who loves toooooo many things to count. I love understanding documentaries, world mysteries, animation, travel, fashion, art (the list pretty much goes on), all the way down to things such as needing to know how people live in underground cities. There’s just too much in this world to limit myself on all the things to learn...

Magical Q&A with @anastasjia | #FoxFamily

Wander off for a bit and get to know this ethereal daydreamer, Anastasjia: 

Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Anastasjia!
I am a 23-year-old daydreamer who is always thirsty for adventure! Whether it’s somewhere deep in the forest, lost in an antique store, or inside a book…I am always seeking magic in my mind. Although I am introverted, I love to share my many thoughts and creations with the world online. I am a Youtuber who documents my journey, lifestyle and fashion… and I may make one too many dad jokes. I am an awkward bundle...

Q&A with Summer Goddess @sn0ok I #FOXFAMILY

Jack White, skydiving, and a good hard cider. Read on to learn more about this Youtuber/makeup artist, Samantha!

Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Samantha? 
Hi!! I always feel like I sound so boring when I try to answer these kinds of questions but I’ll give it a go! My name is Sam, I’m 21-year- old girl from South Carolina, and I love all things makeup and beauty related!


What city did you grow up in?
I was born in Florida, but I’ve pretty much spent my entire life growing up...

Q&A with Nordic beauty @salinesimon I #FoxFamily

Copenhagen queen Saline gives us the low down on makeup, hair and life in our q&a. Read on!

Tell us about yourself! Who is Saline?
I'm a 23-year-old blogger, Youtuber and makeup artist living in Denmark. Growing up I was always super fascinated by mermaids, unicorns and fairytale creatures and when I got a bit older I got really into music (especially 70's and 80's music) and the strong characters in the bands, who really inspired me style wise. I've always been pretty creative and for as long as I remember expressing myself and experimenting with my looks.


Q&A with pixie princess @simply_kenna | #FoxFamily

  • To put it simply, McKenna is a Disney lover and all around fantastical girl. Read on to learn more about her!
  • Tell us about yourself! Who is McKenna?
  • If I were to sum it up, or at least try, I think I would say McKenna is a 21-year-old girl who is unapologetically herself. A girl who's home is...