Halloween movies to watch in 2017

What's up witches? Dying to get into creepy mode? Get haunted with a fantastic classic, picked by yours cruelly. Here are our top 10 favorite Halloween movies:


 The Addams Family



 The Craft





 Edward Scissorhands




Ernest Scared Stupid 





 Hocus Pocus


Q&A with @amythemermaidx | #FoxFamily

A TRUE mermaid riding a unicorn... only in our dreams... until now! 

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Amy?
I’m just a colourful, animal loving 21-year-old girl who lives in the North of England. 😛💁
Describe what your perfect day looks like.
Spending alllll day with my horses and going on really long ride. 😋

How long have you been raising horses? Tell us about Lila + Teddy!
Since August last year when I got Lila! It’s been a dream all my life to own a horse and then I got Teddy by...

Q&A with @ladyscorpio101 | #FoxFamily

Alexa is one mystical meditative mermaid who's going places. Here's our q&a with this vibrant influencer! 

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Lady Scorpio?
Hi! I’m Alexa, a free spirit who seeks out all things magic!  I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural and felt guided by the cosmos. I love astrology, documentaries, animals, fashion, the ocean and traveling!

Online, I’m known as Lady Scorpio, where I’m an influencer and creator of my mystical brand, where I design treasures that align us with mind, body, and soul.


Q&A with @themermaidchapters | #FoxFamily

You can find this succulent plant mama dreamin' about a million stars and creating cool 3D art. What else does Avalon have in store? Read on!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Avalon?

A 20-year-old nerd who loves toooooo many things to count. I love understanding documentaries, world mysteries, animation, travel, fashion, art (the list pretty much goes on), all the way down to things such as needing to know how people live in underground cities. There’s just too much in this world to limit myself on all the things to learn...

Magical Q&A with @anastasjia | #FoxFamily

Wander off for a bit and get to know this ethereal daydreamer, Anastasjia: 

Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Anastasjia!
I am a 23-year-old daydreamer who is always thirsty for adventure! Whether it’s somewhere deep in the forest, lost in an antique store, or inside a book…I am always seeking magic in my mind. Although I am introverted, I love to share my many thoughts and creations with the world online. I am a Youtuber who documents my journey, lifestyle and fashion… and I may make one too many dad jokes. I am an awkward bundle...