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    How to Color Shift: Green to Purple

    By Thuy Pham

    Happy New Year, AF hunnies!


    A new year always calls for a fresh look! Every year, I always like to ring in the new year with a new look and this year is no different. When considering my next color, I had a couple choices that would have worked well for me. Taking into consideration that I had Arctic Fox Neverland in my hair, I thought my best choices were to go to a pink tone or violet tone color. 


    Neverland is a beautiful soft mint color that was so fun to have for the holidays. It complimented all the red I was wearing for the season. With the green tones in Neverland, I decided that pink or violet tones would be best for my hair right now because I love having sunny and bright oranges and citrus color tones for the summer. Since we are a few months away from basking in the glory of summer sunshine, I needed to decide on a color for the spring. Since violet and pink tones live next to reds, oranges and yellow on the color wheel, they made the most sense to be my transition color.  


    After deciding on my next color, I always come up with a formula or recipe for how I’m going to achieve this new color. I was having a really difficult time deciding between the violet and pink. I even took an IG poll that was split 50/50! 


    A few days before I was planning to change my hair color, I was helping Kinsley clean and organize her room. I picked up a little velvet bag and emptied the contents into my hand. It was crystals! One was a beautiful amethyst looking stone. It had reflections of purple and sometimes pink and magenta. That’s when I thought, why not do something similar to this crystal? Purple with some pink undertones! Now, I had to figure out the formula. Had I wanted to do a true purple color, I could have easily applied Arctic Fox’s Violet Dreams over my Neverland hair and I would have gotten a beautiful cool toned purple. Since I wanted something with a little warmth to it, I had to color correct the green tones from my hair, otherwise the formula I create will reflect much cooler than I want. To do that I mixed a color correcting shampoo and shampooed my hair 2-3 times until the green tones became an ash/cool blonde. Once this is done, I apply my new color formula. 


    Oftentimes, as a chef I am always looking for inspiration in daily life and my new hair color can inspire my desserts such as my butterfly pea flower limeade and purple ube whoopie pies. I believe that your hobbies can inspire you in so many ways. 


    Directions to achieve my look from green to purple: 


    Color correcting shampoo formula:

    1:1 ratio of Arctic Fox Resurrected shampoo and electric paradise

    Mix and shampoo. Repeat shampoo until the hair is a cool blonde. 


    Final color formula:

    2 parts violet dream

    1 part periwinkle

    1 part girls night

    Arctic Mist diluter for ends of hair


    Application instructions:

    Mix color until well blended. Apply starting at the root of hair and work your way yo about 1/3 down hair shaft. Do this until entire head is complete. Mix equal parts of Arctic Mist diluter into remaining color mixture. Use this diluted formula to cover the rest of your hair. Process for 40 mins. Shampoo and condition with Arctic Fox Resurrected shampoo and conditioner. 


    Pantone's Color for 2023: Viva Magenta!

    Pantone's Color for 2023: Viva Magenta!

    Magenta is a red-based color with pink and purple tones, based off of the natural dye cochineal, a revered red dye that at one point was worth more than gold. Viva Magenta represents tenacity, vigor, strength, and bravery. 

    2022 was a trying year for so many of us. It was the second full year of a global pandemic, it was a year of restructuring and redefining how we live and exist. I think for many of us, it was a year of loss. A lot of people lost jobs, lost friendships, and had to restart in many ways. Viva Magenta is the perfect color for 2023, and represents reigniting that spark we all have within us. 

    Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone said, Viva Magenta is about “writing a new narrative”. So what is your 2023 going to say? 

    I know for me, I am going to commit to doing one thing that scares me, every week. Whether it is something as simple as asking an employee where something is in a store instead of my usual ‘wander all 110 aisles until I find it!’ stubbornness, or something much larger like trying to sell my art like I have been saying I will do for the last ten years, or keep going to my open mic nights I do bi-weekly (because let’s be real that scares me every. single. time). Time is going to pass regardless, and I will never regret trying, but I might regret not. 

    I hope that this year becomes your year, babe. Let’s make 2023 magical. Dye your hair the fun color (helllo to this mix!). Apply for the job that might feel like it’s a stretch. Live your 2023 with abundant and unfettered JOY. Be brave. Do the scary thing. DO THE SCARY THING! Live your life in color. Viva Magenta!

    Vegan Egg Rolls

    Vegan Egg Rolls

    Vegan Egg Rolls

    By Chef Thuy Pham, Owner of Mama Dut

    Vietnamese celebrations are never complete without egg rolls. There is never a family function where we don't have a big basket of egg rolls on the table for snacking. Part of the festivities always involves sitting around the table with my mom and aunties, gossiping and rolling egg rolls for our family and guests to enjoy. As the Lunar New Year is approaching, I began to prepare the egg rolls in my household and it just feels so incredibly comforting and a part of how I stay rooted to Vietnam.

    Serves: 25-30 eggrolls

    Prep time 60 mins

    Cook time 15 mins


    • 1 pound of plant based pork grounds
    • 2 cups shredded taro
    • 1 cup shredded carrots
    • 1 cup of chopped wood ear mushrooms
    • 1 tablespoon black pepper
    • 2 tablespoons of sugar
    • 2 teaspoon msg
    • 1 teaspoon mushroom seasoning
    • 1/4 vegan phish sauce
    • 1 package of egg roll wrappers (v). They typically come in a 30 count bag.
    • 3 tablespoons of water
    • 1 teaspoon cornstarch 


    Combine all ingredients, minus the vegan egg roll wrappers, into a large bowl. Using your hands, mix and combine the ingredients well. Set aside for assembly later.

    Mix water and cornstarch together in a small bowl. This is for sealing the eggrolls.

    Open the egg roll package and separate wrappers to make wrapping easier.  Once wrappers are all separated, you can start rolling the egg rolls.

    Lay the wrapper down flat on the work surface with the corner pointing towards you.  Spoon  2-3 tablespoons of filling onto your wrapper and roll. Seal with water and cornstarch mixture. Do this until all wrappers are filled.

    Deep fry in oil at 350 degrees until egg rolls float and are golden brown.

    Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce!


    Happy Eating!

    Thuy Pham

    Follow Thuy on Instagram!


    Protect Your Hair from Winter Dryness

    While the winter months can bring so many warm and cozy memories, the cold temperatures are likely causing your hair’s breakage, frizz and overall damage. Not to worry, Fox Fam 💝  We’ve weathered this storm before and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to protect hair from winter dryness! 

    Healthy hair starts from within. Nourishing your body with the proper nutrients has SO many benefits, including improving the overall health of your hair. Below, you will find a list of ways that you can fuel your hair, using the following foods (vegan options for each are also listed)

    1. Protein: Your hair is made up of protein, so it’s extremely important to include lots of it into your daily routine. Doing so will prevent hair loss and breakage. Some remedies include: nuts, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, quinoa and chickpeas.
    2. Omega-3: For itchy and dry scalp, you’ll want to incorporate healthy fatty acids to achieve a hydrated scalp and shiny hair. Some remedies include: fish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, walnuts
    3. Vitamin C: Looking for more strength and growth for your hair? This is going to be your holy grail, as it produces collagen to really strengthen the hair and allow it to grow at a faster rate. Some remedies include: oranges, blueberries, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, sweet potatoes (add almonds and cashews to get some Vitamin E for dry hair, as well.
    4. Iron- Great for hair loss! Some remedies include: spinach, lentils and broccoli

    Now that we’ve got a grasp on how these nutrients can kick start your hair’s health, let’s talk about more common ways to protect and heal your hair from the cold! 

    Shampoo and Conditioner: A good hair care routine should start with a good wash. Not to brag (okay, maybe a little) but our Resurrected Set is fully packed with amino acids & antioxidants to restore elasticity and soothe the scalp. However, we would advise customers to wash less frequently in the winter, to avoid stripping the hair of moisture and oil. 


    Hair Wraps: If you notice your hair is brittle and difficult to style after it’s been washed, it’s likely that the hair is lacking moisture. Giving your hair a break from your blow dryer and using a hair wrap will reduce frizz and breakage. Here is the link to one we’ve been loving! 

    Hair Serum: Whether you like a milky or a glossy hair serum, we have some of the BEST recommendations to seal that hair and strengthen dry, brittle strands. As you may know, our Money Hunny was designed to help ALL hair types achieve their best hair yet by reducing frizz, repairing AND retaining color. Did we mention how dreamy it smells? 🤤  For a scalp focused serum, I recommend this one from Ouai! With its ability to reduce scalp discomfort and create the appearance of thicker hair, this is surely a match made in hair heaven! 

    Leave in Conditioner: Leave In Conditioner detangles, hydrates and fights frizz. This one from Ouai is my go to!


    Hair Mask: If you haven’t tried our Ultra-Hydrating Pool Party Foaming Hair Mask yet, your hair is missing out! With healthy antioxidants, omegas and all natural oils, your hair will be revived in no time! Did you know that there are 4 ways you can use our Pool Party Foaming Hair Mask?

    1. A pre-shower hair mask: Apply to dry hair and leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse and condition.
    2. An amplified conditioner: Use in place of your conditioner after shampooing.
    3. Wet styling: Apply a generous amount to dry hair to give a full-bodied wet styled/slicked back look. Hydrates and conditions hair while holding your hairstyle in place. 
    4. Condition dry ends: Add a small amount to dried ends for a boost of hydration.

           *Pool Party is only available to ship in the contiguous United States*


    Trimming: If all else fails, your hair may simply be in need of a little trim (½ inch - 2 inches should be plenty). In general, this is essential for healthy hair, regardless of the season, so I highly recommend doing this as the winter approaches.

    While all these tips will be helpful year round, your hair will definitely thank you for giving it that extra T.L.C. during these chilly winter months. 

    Do you have any questions or concerns? We want to hear from you! Let us know below! 👇

    How to Make Your Mani Last Longer

    How to Make Your Mani Last Longer

    Spending time doing your nails can be a great way to practice self-care, but how can you enjoy the fruits of your labor for longer? We’ve rounded up our favorite tips on how to prolong your mani.

    Nail Prep

    The key to a good, long-lasting manicure is the proper prep.

    Use An Orange Wood Stick Or Cuticle Pusher To Push Back Your Cuticles

    Pushing back your cuticles will help the nail polish adhere to only the nail plate. This will prevent lifting and peeling in the cuticle area.

    Gently Buff The Shine From The Nail Plate

    Much like sanding before painting wood, gently buffing the shine from your nails with a fine grit buffing block or nail file will provide a grippier surface for the polish to stick to. Be careful though! A light hand is best as over-buffing can remove too many layers and damage your nail.

    Remove Natural Oils

    Use nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or a nail dehydrator to remove any natural oils from your nail plate. This will help the nail polish to stick better and prevent peeling and chipping.


    During the manicure there’s a handful of things you can do that will prolong your mani.

    Use A Good Base Coat

    A good base coat will provide a sticky layer, like paint primer, for the nail polish to stick to. Try our Foxology Base Coat  that will set the stage for a polish that lasts and is formulated to work with our Foxology Nail Polish.

    Apply Polish In Thin Layers

    Apply your nail polish in thin coats in order for your nails to dry more thoroughly. A quick drying polish like Foxology Nail Polish can help speed up the process. Using multiple thinner coats also gives you more control over the polish and will help prevent flooding your nails and cuticles. Nail polish should only be applied to the nail plate in order to prevent peeling and lifting. 

    Use A Good Top Coat

    A good top coat, like our Foxology Top Coat, prevents chipping and protects the nail. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe and Biotic to provide strength and hydration to the nail plate.

    Apply All Layers of Polish On the Free Edge 

    The free edge of your nail is the edge of the nail that extends past your finger. This area gets a lot of wear so protecting it will extend the life of your mani.


    Allow Nails to Fully Cure

    Your nails may appear to be dry to the touch, but they are not fully cured underneath. Avoid soaking in water or other activities that are hard on your hands for 1-2 hours until fully cured.


    After following the above steps, there are a few things you can do after your manicure to help it last as long as possible.

    Avoid Soaking Your Hands in Water or Using Harsh Chemicals

    Soaking your nails can allow water to seep under the layers of polish and damage your manicure. When cleaning, harsh chemicals and repeated water exposure can also break down the polish. Wearing cleaning gloves when cleaning can help!

    Reapply Top Coat

    Your top coat can wear down over time with everyday use. Reapplying every few days can add extra protection and shine to your mani. Be sure to thoroughly clean the nail before reapplying your top coat.

    Keep Your Nails Moisturized

    Apply cuticle oil daily to keep your nails moisturized and prevent breakage and cracking.

    Avoid Biting or Picking Your Nails

    Biting or picking at your nails can chip your polish and damage your nails. Avoid doing this, if possible