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Bleach Bath Hair Treatment: How To Do It and When To Do It

Dreaming of sun-kissed strands but worried about over damaging? Enter the bleach bath - a hair lightening technique that offers a softer touch compared to traditional bleaching. What is a Bleach Bath? Think of it as a diluted bleach treatment. It uses a mixture of bleach powder or cream, developer, and shampoo, applied to wet hair. This gentler approach gradually lifts color, perfect for those seeking a subtle lightening effect or a way to strip out color build-up. Why Choose a Bleach Bath? There are several reasons to opt for this hair lightening method: Gradual Lightening: Unlike bleach, which can dramatically lift color in one go, a bleach bath allows for a more controlled approach. You can achieve your desired level of lightness in stages, minimizing damage. Freshening Up Blondes: Bleach baths can help remove brassiness and revive dull blonde hair, bringing back its brightness without the harshness of a full bleach retouch. Color Correction: If your hair color has gone a bit astray, a bleach bath can help remove some unwanted pigment, making it easier to achieve a new color. Is a Bleach Bath Right for You? While bleach baths are gentler, they still involve bleach. Here's when it might be best to skip the DIY approach: Very Dark Hair: If your hair is very dark and you're aiming for a dramatic lightening, a bleach bath might not be strong enough. Consult a professional colorist for a safe and effective approach. Severely Damaged Hair: Already compromised hair won't handle any additional stress. If your hair is dry, brittle, or has significant breakage, hold off on the bleach bath and focus on deep conditioning treatments. Important Considerations: A Patch Test is Key: Before diving in, do a patch test on a small area of your hair to check for any allergic reactions. Consult a Professional: If you're unsure about the process or have complex color history, it's always best to seek a professional hairstylist's guidance. Ready to Try a Bleach Bath? Remember, bleach baths are best done with thorough research. Look for thorough online tutorials or consult a hairstylist for specific instructions based on your hair type and desired outcome. Opt for customizable bleach, like Arctic Fox’s White and Blue Powder Bleach - they come in 1 oz sachets, an 8 oz tub, or you can opt for a packet of 5 1 oz sachets to reach your bleached dreams! Always remember patience is key! Bleach baths work gradually, so enjoy the journey to your lighter locks! Ready to achieve platinum perfection? Arctic Fox's new Bleach, Please Powder (available in blue and white!) lifts hair up to 9 levels for a clean, bright canvas. Enjoy clear visibility during the lightening process with the White Powder Bleach, and anti-yellowing effects when you opt for the Blue Powder Bleach. Get ready to say goodbye to brass and hello to your dream hair color!

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