World Wildlife Day: Celebrating Rescue Milestones with IFAW

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve made a difference for animals needing rescue and care all over the world. Every year, we donate 15% of our profits to organizations that help promote animal welfare and prevent animal cruelty, and for the last 5 years, we’ve donated to IFAW to support their worldwide efforts to rescue and rehabilitate animals. IFAW is the International Fund for Animal Welfare and works around the world to rescue and rehabilitate animals, end illegal wildlife trade, and conserve habitats. We’ve been supporting IFAW’s work since the devastating Australian bushfires of 2019/2020. As disasters have unfortunately been striking more frequently, and with greater intensity, we are committed to our mission of continuing to support IFAW in their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Last year, IFAW responded to 98% of disaster requests received from 29 countries directly helping 142,735 individual animals globally. Wow. With 786 animal rescue responders trained across 8 countries, IFAW is even better positioned for next year. We have committed to a two year partnership with IFAW to support their work as they continue to grow and help more and more of our furry friends. In April 2022, we donated 50% of our profits that month to aid in IFAW’s relief during the devastating bombings in Ukraine. IFAW provided 24/7 access to pet food, triage veterinary care, and supplies for Ukrainian families feeling with their pets. IFAW committed to providing relief and care to Ukrainian refugees and their pets as long as they were needed. In 2021, we made a donation of $50,000 to IFAW and directly impacting their global rescue team! IFAW’s focus remains on rescue, rehabilitation, release, and monitoring wildlife, while also sharing best practices, providing training, and developing response and animal rescue networks. In 2022, IFAW continued their work to rehab orphaned elephants and keep them on their journey back to the wild. At their IFAW-supported Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN), they rehabilitated two orphaned elephant calves, Moses and Sally. Moses was separated from his herd, while Sally was seriously injured after an attack by hyenas. Both were able to bond with other elephants at the Nursery, received the care they needed, and were able to eventually depart on their own to live as free wild elephants! We’re looking forward to elevating our partnership with IFAW over the next two years with an even bigger donation and continued support from the Fox Fam. Every purchase you’ve made has made a difference for animals globally, and that will only continue to grow. Thank you for making a difference with us, Fox, today and every day!

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