Rescue Spotlight: Viva Global Rescue

We try not to wait until the holidays roll around to show our gratitude for the Fox Fam. You mean the world to us 365 days of the year. Not only do we love your love for color and self expression, but we’re obsessed that you share our love for animals. One of our rescue partners, Viva Global Rescue, shared a 2022 update with us - and since you help us help them, we wanted to be sure we shared with you! In case you’re new here, Viva Global Rescue is a women-run, LGBTQ+ animal sanctuary in Southern California that works to create a more compassionate world through permanent, innovative sanctuary care for animals in need. 2022 was not an easy year for Maya and Kalli and their team at Viva, but there were so many highlights, especially with their recent rescues. Meet Peanut, a six month old goat who recently came to Viva completely unable to walk or stand. After a trip to Viva’s vet team revealed that Peanut had a broken shoulder with pieces of bone detached from the healthy tissue, it was determined that Peanut’s shoulder had to be amputated immediately. After a successful surgery, Peanut is on the road to recovery as he learns to walk with a wheelchair, hopefully leading to walking on his own one day. The Viva team says he is silly, joyful and sweet and is besties with Bambi at the sanctuary. Peanut Bambi, also known as the miracle lamb, is the only lamb in existence living without a fully-formed cerebellum. She was born missing ⅔ parts of her cerebellum and a portion of her skull, which ultimately compresses her spine and inhibits her ability to walk unassisted. It took extensive hospitalization and medical care to properly diagnose this sweet lamb that most others would have given up on. Bambi is sweet, but a fighter who requires several mobility aids in order to thrive and live her best life at the Viva sanctuary. She loves cruising around in her wheelchair that allows her to walk and live her best life! Bambi as a baby Bambi in her wheelchair Meet Peaches, Posie, and Penelope! Viva got a call one afternoon about a baby goat who had a cleft palate and desperately needed to find replacement in Viva’s cleft palate program, the only cleft palate program that exists for ruminants in the country. Peaches was rushed to Viva as her health was declining rapidly. On the same call, Maya and Kalli were told that Peaches had a mom and sister who were going to be dropped off at auction because the farm had no use for them anymore (WTF!) When they arrived, all three were filled with external and internal parasites. Thanks to Viva, Peaches, Posie and Penelope were able to receive necessary, critical medical care and most importantly, stay together and heal together. Peaches Peaches, Posie, and Penelope We are so thankful that we get to work with organizations like Viva Global Rescue, and none of this would be possible without the Fox Fam. Viva takes care of animals that never have to worry again and because of that, we will continue our mission in remaining vegan, cruelty-free and donating 15% off all net profits to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare.

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