Viva Rescue on How Our $10,000 Donation Changed the Lives of Their Rescues

We're halfway through 2023 and thanks to YOU, Fox, we continue to support some of our favorite animal rescues across the globe. We've been lucky enough to work with Viva Global Rescue for several years now. Located in Menifee, California, Viva is run by Kalli and Maya who continue to rescue and rehab all kinds of animals day in and day out so they can live their best lives as they should. Back in March, we took a team trip to visit Kalli, Maya and all their animals to see for ourselves the difference we're making. We were so excited to meet with so many of the animals and hear from Kalli and Maya themselves about the work they do each day. During that trip, we brought a $10,000 donation with us and recently received an update from Kalli and Maya on how that money has helped them this year: Meet Starburst A neonatal kitten with numerous health issues including a severe upper respiratory illness, severe parasites, eye infections and a skin disease. Thanks to our donation, Viva was able to provide the care to Starburst in order for her to recover and thrive after receiving necessary medical treatment. Meet Thomas the Lamb The AF team fell in LOVE with Thomas during our trip. This strong little guy was able to receive high quality, critical medical treatment and vital support that allowed Viva to give Thomas specialised treatment to overcome health challenges, giving him a second chance at a healthy and fulfilling life. Meet Piper the Goat Piper struggles with severe allergies and thanks to AF's donation she was able to receive life-changing allergy shots that helped retrain her immune system and improve her quality of life. This innovative work previously had not been used on goats and with our support, Viva is changing the future of medical care for farmed animals. Meet Bambi the Lamb Bambi lives with multiple deformities and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. With our donation, Bambi has been able to receive necessary medication to manage pain, improve mobility and enhance her overall well being. Meet Joey the Goat This baby goat was found paralyzed shortly after birth. Our donation provided the necessary resources for Joey to receive specialized care, medical attention, and nourishment allowing him to recover and live a happy and healthy life. This included emergency, routine, and preventative medical care as well as crucial supplies for the first 6 months of his life at the sanctuary. Our donation played a pivotal role in Joey's journey of resilience and recovery and changed the course of his life. We wouldn't be able to make such an impact on these rescue animals without YOU. Here's to dyeing for a cause!

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