Color Spotlight: Cosmic Sunshine

If you’re looking to be the embodiment of sunshine, Cosmic Sunshine is the one for you! Cosmic Sunshine is a bright yellow vivid that will truly turn heads wherever you go. Yellow hair is a bold choice and dare we say not a common one even among vivid hair enthusiasts. Bright yellow screams sunshine, happiness, spontaneity, and confidence - sounds like the perfect color choice for our Fox Fam! Let’s dive into what makes Cosmic Sunshine THAT color. Coloring with Cosmic Sunshine Cosmic Sunshine is a lighter shade and will turn out best on pre-lightened hair - level 8 or lighter is your best bet for this stunner! If your hair has brassy tones, you can expect a golden glow when you use Cosmic Sunshine. Cosmic Sunshine won’t take on darker bases due to its light and bright tone. If you’re starting with hair below a level 8, use Bleach, Please to get your hair to the desired level! Level Up: Cosmic Sunshine on Different Hair Levels Let’s break it down! Platinum Blonde (Level 10): With hair this light, you can expect to see the FULL effect of Cosmic Sunshine. For that true yellow to shine through, make sure your base is toned and even for a smooth application and color payoff. Light Blonde (Level 9): You’ll see a slightly darker yellow with this base, but the color payoff is definitely bold and yellow at this level! Medium Blonde (Level 7-8): Cosmic Sunshine will give a golden hue to medium blonde locks which will be sooo pretty when the sun hits! Light Brown (Level 6): A barely-there golden tint will come through on this base, which might be just the thing if you’re looking to spice up your natural hair just a bit! Anything below these levels will need some lightening for Cosmic Sunshine to shine! ✨ Get Faded: How Cosmic Sunshine Fades All of our AF hair dyes are formulated to fade gracefully and Cosmic Sunshine is no exception! While this vibrant yellow will likely keep its brightness for a few months, once it starts to fade you’ll see a lighter version of itself. Keep a 4 oz bottle handy for touch ups in the shower to keep up the vibrancy as long as you’d like! And when you’re ready for a transition, Virgin Pink, Electric Paradise, Ginger Flare, Sunset Orange, and Poison are the perfect options to mix with or cover up our yellow favorite. These colors are great to mix with Cosmic Sunshine as well if you want to go for a sunset inspired look or a rusty pink! Cosmic Sunshine Mixology And speaking of mixing…let’s dive into our favorite recipes for mixing this piece of sunshine! For this spicy, gingery mix, mix up 40% Cosmic Sunshine, 30% Ginger Flare, and 30% Arctic Mist Diluter on level 9+ hair! This gorgeous rusty yellow is 50% Electric Paradise and 50% Cosmic Sunshine! Plus, the UV reactivity of Electric Paradise will give this mix a subtle glow-in-the-dark effect. Add a drop of Frosé into a base of Cosmic Sunshine for a little dose of pastel pink in your yellow hair fix! Hello, ginger spice! 45% Sunset Orange, 45% Cosmic Sunshine, and 10% Purple AF is THE mix for a ginger-inspired look. Cosmic Sunshine on You Now, for the best part - let’s see what Cosmic Sunshine looks like on our Fox Fam! @vivisterling in Cosmic Sunshine @the.neon.blonde in Frosé, Electric Paradise, and Cosmic Sunshine @millershea.r in Cosmic Sunshine and Neon Moon @lacefaceluna in Cosmic Sunshine, Sunset Orange, and Purple AF @theeglamnaija in Poison, Sunset Orange, and Cosmic Sunshine @zoe_la_leigh in Cosmic Sunshine and Purple AF @nadine.xoo in Sunset Orange, Purple AF, Electric Paradise, and Cosmic Sunshine @kimboohoo in Cosmic Sunshine

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