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The Best Powder Bleach for Dark Hair

Hey, Fox! 👋 We hear you wanna ditch the dark side? Been scrolling through TikTok and Instagram for inspo and ready to bleach your hair at home? 👀 Well don't grab just any drugstore bleach! We have exactly what you need, to achieve that next-level bleached bombshell vibe 👩‍🦳 Look, we get it. Bleaching your hair at home can seem scary. But with the right bleach, it can be a breeze. Our entire Bleach, Please collection is made to lift AND keep your hair as healthy as possible. However, bleaching hair at-home requires strategy, so we’ll guide you through it! 😌 But wait, I have DARK hair. Can I even bleach it? 🖤🤎 Heck yeah! But you gotta choose the right one for the job! It’s also super helpful to understand the options, to reach your hair goals easily. Liquid vs. Powder Bleach: Liquid Bleach: The Sneaky Assassin This option is convenient and easy to use, making it a good option for beginners. But like anything else, it has its pros and cons: Pros: Gentler touch: Liquid bleach is often formulated to be less harsh than powder bleach, making it a good choice for already-processed hair. Created with key ingredients aimed at your hair health (Cocoa seed butter, sunflower seed oil, castor oil, and mango seed butter… To name a few 😉 Cons: Limited lifting power: Don't expect a dramatic transformation from dark to platinum with liquid bleach. It will likely only lift a few levels. Off scalp application ONLY to avoid any scalp irritation Potential for patchiness: Liquid bleach can be trickier to apply evenly, leading to patchy results. Powder Bleach: The Powerful Punch This bleach comes in powder form and is simply mixed with your favorite developer. Customizable AF! 💅 Pros: Ultra-lightening Power: Our powder bleach packs a punch, lifting hair up to 9 levels Customizable Lightening: Our bleach works with your favorite developer to achieve YOUR perfect level of lift. Versatile Application: Suitable for both on-scalp and off-scalp applications. Cons: More damaging: The powerful nature of powder bleach can be more damaging to hair, especially if not used carefully. 👉Why Powder Bleach is Your Root Touch-Up BFF: Liquid bleach might seem convenient, but for serious root touch-ups, powder bleach reigns supreme. Here's why: Maximum Lift: Since our White Powder Bleach packs a punch, lifting those pesky roots multiple levels with the right developer. This ensures your new growth seamlessly blends with your already-bleached hair. Blue Power Against Brass: If brassy tones are your nemesis, our Blue Powder Bleach comes to the rescue! The blue pigments neutralize unwanted orange hues, leaving you with a cooler, ashier blonde after touching up your roots! So, Which Bleach Should You Choose for Dark Hair? 🤷‍♀️👀 Liquid bleach is cute for a subtle glow-up, but for major lightening, especially on dark hair, you’ll want the firepower of powder bleach. Final answer 🤗 Okay, powder bleach it is. But which one? White vs. Blue Powder Bleach for Dark Hair? ❄️ Spoiler alert: there's no single "winner," but knowing their strengths will help you pick the perfect one for you! White Powder Bleach: This bad boy is a straight-up lightening machine. It lifts dark hair multiple levels with the right developer, perfect for achieving icy blonde dreams. Think platinum, think white – think OMG my hair is amazing! ‍ Blue Powder Bleach: This one's like White Powder Bleach's cooler cousin. It works the same way, but with blue pigments that fight off those nasty orange tones that can plague dark hair during bleaching. So you get a cooler, more ashy blonde result. Basically, less brass, more boss. At the end of the day, the answer depends on your hair goals and starting shade! Here's a quick guide: For maximum lift and a blank canvas (you'll likely need toning after): Go with White Powder Bleach. For a cooler blonde with less brass (and potentially less lift): Choose Blue Powder Bleach. How many times do I have to bleach it? This is a big question, and the answer depends on a few things: Your starting hair color: The darker your hair, the more sessions it will likely take to reach your desired blonde shade. The health of your hair: Damaged hair lightens more quickly (and is more prone to breakage), so healthy hair might take a few more sessions to lighten safely. ✨AF Pro Tip: Wait at least 3 weeks before doing another round of bleach to give your hair cuticle enough time to heal, close and lay flat again. Patience is key when it comes to bleaching dark hair✨ The developer strength: Using a higher developer strength will lift hair faster, but can also be more damaging. The type of bleach: While both White and Blue Powder Bleach can achieve high lift, White Powder Bleach might lift slightly more per session. Here's the reality: Achieving platinum blonde from dark hair, especially at home, often takes multiple sessions and we can’t necessarily give you an exact number. Every head of hair is different and it's important to be patient to prioritize the health of your hair. As mentioned, space out your bleaching sessions with plenty of deep conditioning treatments to minimize damage and breakage, Fox 🦊 Remember, no matter which bleach you choose: Do a strand test first! See how your hair reacts to the bleach before committing to your whole head. Healthy hair is happy hair! Deep condition your locks with a Pool Party Hair Foaming Hair Mask and Money Hunny Repair Serum before and after bleaching to minimize damage. Arctic Fox has your back! We have a killer selection of bleaches to help you achieve the perfect base for your dream hair color. Now go forth and slay that mane transformation! Don't forget to tag us on Insta with your epic hair journey and as ALWAYS… If you ever have any questions or need help, send us an email at [email protected]. Happy bleaching, Fox Fam! 🌈

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