Color Spotlight: Periwinkle Hair Dye

Watch the clouds go by with hair that rivals the prettiest summer evening. Periwinkle is a dreamy pastel blue with lavender undertones that turns out best on platinum hair! Pastels are a must-have in the spring and summer season and we’re giving you the 411 on Periwinkle. This Fox Fam favorite is sure to turn heads no matter how you dye! Coloring with Periwinkle Since Periwinkle is considered a pastel it definitely requires TLC! Pastels can typically fade faster so expect for color to start washing out sooner than later. For longevity, try to wash less often. You can always add some Periwinkle to your conditioner for a quick refresh on wash days! A level 9-10 hair base will ALWAYS show up best for pastel shades. If you’re aiming for a true taste of Periwinkle, definitely aim for the lightest base possible. @pasteljacqueline in Periwinkle and Girls Night Level Up: Periwinkle on Different Hair Levels Your hair's base will determine the final outcome when opting for Periwinkle, making it a crucial factor in achieving your desired look. You have to take this into account when experimenting with this beloved shade! For a true Periwinkle you want to be as light as possible, can’t stress this enough. A level 9-10 base is going to give you that true lavender hue. Periwinkle may also have a slight toning effect on hair that is a little bit darker than this, think around a level 7-8! Beware though, too much of a yellow tone could cause it to pull more greenish! We would recommend ensuring your hair is very light if you’re going to be using Periwinkle straight. To be completely honest, you will most likely not get any color to show up on a dark base, because pastels in general don’t adhere to dark bases. If you’re looking for a purple hue on dark hair, you'd be best off going with a darker more rich purple, like Purple AF! Periwinkle Mixology Now, ready to mix it up!? You have many possibilities for customizing with Periwinkle. Want to give it a darker hue? Add in a couple drops of Poseidon or Blue Jean Baby on a platinum base, and you’ll get a beautiful darker, but not too dark, shade of blue. Feeling like a more electric vibe? This show stopping combo is sure to turn heads. You’ll need a base of Periwinkle and just a drop of Purple AF. Purple AF is pigmented AF! No pun intended. 😉 @143joannagc in Periwinkle and Girls Night If you’re looking for a true lavender, try mixing Periwinkle with some Girls Night! It’s going to give you a perfect lavender shade. Give it a go with 80% Periwinkle and 20% Girls Night. If it needs to be lighter - add more periwinkle and if it needs to be darker - add more Girls Night! Periwinkle on You Our Fox Fam just knows how to slay a good hair color. And these Periwinkle looks are going to make you want to try out this pastel purple hue for yourself! @sighmmaya in Periwinkle and Poseidon @jordanebyers in Periwinkle @beautsoup in Periwinkle and Girls Night @sunburn_pixie in Periwinkle and Aquamarine You’re all prepped to be a Periwinkle princess! Try out some of these mixes next time you need a little purple in your life. Don’t forget, it’s all about base, base, base! Figure out where you need to be base wise to ensure the final results you want. Don’t forget to follow us on IG to stay in the loop @arcticfoxhaircolor.

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