Arctic Fox's Most Requested Color is Here: Cotton Candy Dreams Blue Pastel Hair Dye

We heard you loud and clear, Fox Fam. As one of your most requested shades, we’ve been patiently perfecting this truly sweet shade for you all and well… She is FINALLY here! The star of our new Pastel Hour Collection: Cotton Candy Dreams (blue heart) Life is sweet, buuuut Cotton Candy Dreams is sweeter. She's a combination of a muted blue with a light neon tone, perfect for turning heads or giving the clouds a run for their money! ✨☁️ A cotton candy dream come true! 🤤 Level Up: Cotton Candy Dreams on Different Hair Levels Cotton Candy Dreams hair dye is a true pastel so pre-lightened hair is required. You’ll want Level 10, platinum hair prior to using ANY pastel for them to shine their brightest. ✨ On level 10 bases, you’ll enjoy the full softness, while light to medium blonde bases may see a more subdued and muted tone. Either way, the pastel blue of your dreams is HERE and ready to be your new favorite! (down) We’re your besties and we’d NEVER lead you astray, so if you need some help achieving a solid base for Pastel hair dye, our Bleach, Please at-home lightening kit will definitely lighten up those locks for you. You can also read all about these 5 ways to bleach your hair at home! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email or chat and we can get you some answers as fast as possible! 🥰 Coloring with Cotton Candy Dreams: Mixology This shade of pastel blue is confection perfection with a buttery base and is STUNNING on her own. When mixed? Let’s just say… Be prepared to immediately transform into eye candy upon doing so, because these mixes are completely jaw dropping! Let’s check out a few. 🍭😉 Cotton Candy Dreams + Violet Dream Mixing 80% Cotton Candy Dreams with 20% Violet Dream (on level 10 hair) will create this absolutely perfect shade of fuschia! This shade is a magical treat that we can’t wait to see you whip up, babe! Cotton Candy Dreams + Iris Green Mermaid DREAMING. If you went pastel for spring and are looking for a summer transition, try this out. Starting with a base of 80% Cotton Candy Dreams, slowly add in about 20% Iris Green to create this magical, under the sea shade. Cotton Candy Dreams + Frosé We have Girl’s Night and Periwinkle, but this captivating mix would fit right onto our new Pastel Hour Collection and she’s got me in a daze. 😵‍💫💜 Using 50% Cotton Candy Dreams and 50% Frosé in a bowl, stir up that magic and watch the color do the rest. Officially ready to transport into your sweet pastel princess era? ✈️💙 Cotton Candy Dreams is THAT girl! 💅 Not only have you been asking for it for years, but we did you one better and gave you THREE new shades. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our new Pastel Hour Collection and be sure to tag us for your chance to be featured! Stay foxy! 😘

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