Color Spotlight: Ritual Hair Dye

Ritual hair dye has been your go-to deep red for almost as long as we can remember! This jewel-toned burgundy turns out most vividly on hair levels 7 and up, which is why she has remained one of our best sellers. She is great for darker hair, and requires no bleach. Ritual fades beautifully into a pretty magenta-pink! What’s not to love!? Ritual isn’t just a hair color; it’s a whole vibe, a mood, an energy! 🎨💖 @jessicamaiapinto in Ritual The Holy Grail: A Forever Fave Uh, hello? Have you seen Ritual? She’s always a trend setter, and with Cherry Cola taking over all our FYPs, Ritual is the secret ingredient to covering your locks in that gorgeous color. Curious if she suits your season? Ritual looks great on people with both warm and cool undertones! She appears a little more violet on naturally cooler toned hair, making her perfect for a summer or winter, and a little redder on warmer toned hair, which works beautifully on a spring or autumn. She is one of our most versatile colors, that can really work on any skin tone. Ritual is the perfect color for babes who are curious about vivids, but don’t know what color to choose. Time to Dye: How to Rock Ritual So, you’re ready to level up your hair game with Ritual? Before you dive in, let’s get the tea on how to make it pop. While Ritual shines brightest on levels 7-10 hair, she’s also a total slay even if you’re on the darker side. If you’re starting at level 5, Ritual will still bless your locks with that magical tint. Ritual has been a forever fan favorite for darker locks. No need to bleach with this deeply pigmented hue✨💇‍♂️ If you want the pigment to really stick, wash with a clarifying shampoo to open up your hair’s cuticles - don’t condition. Instead, dry your hair, apply Ritual, and leave on at least 45 minutes - but it’s safe to leave on for longer! Some of our Foxes leave it on for hours. Check those emails, catch up on your favorite show, and let Ritual do her magic! Rinse in water as cold as you can stand until the water runs clear. Cold water helps seal your cuticles shut, keeping your color locked in. Remember, Arctic Fox’s Semi-permanent hair dye is deeply hydrating, so your hair will be conditioned as it soaks up all of that pigment! Cracking the Code: Ritual on Different Bases Okay, so let’s break it down. On a light base, Ritual serves looks for days—think rich, velvety burgundy that’s just chef’s kiss. But as the base gets darker, the burgundy color tints come out to play, adding that extra oomph to your mane. For our darker haired Fox Fam, she leaves behind a hint of deep burgundy that’s perfect for easing your way into vivids or giving your natural hair just a little edge that pops in the sunshine. It’s subtle yet fierce, like your hair’s own little secret. 🔥🙌 But wait, the journey with Ritual doesn’t end once the color’s set. With every wash, Ritual evolves into a dreamy magenta- pink with smoky undertones. It’s like watching your hair glow-up in real-time! 🌹✨Feel free to grab a 4 oz of Ritual and add a few drops in with your conditioner from time to time for easy upkeep and maintenance! Ritual Mixology - Our Favorite Ritual Mixes Dusty Rose Since Ritual has a smoky undertone for that deep muted burgundy color, it dilutes down perfectly to a soft dusty rose on platinum hair! Try just a few drops of Ritual added to a base of Arctic Mist diluter to get this delicate floral shade. Pumpkin Spice Natural redhead tones are in! To kick this lively color up a few notches, use a base of Porange with a dollop of Ritual mixed in. This gives you a vibrant pumpkin spice tone, perfect for that almost-natural gingery hue! Dark Berry Berry tones are always a fresh pick, and this deep sultry shade is perfect for a refined, elegant look. Use equal parts Ritual and Blue Jean Baby for a dark and jammy blackberry color! Smoky Mauve Sterling is one of our most versatile mixer shades, giving a steely tint to any color that’s added to it. Try mixing a dollop of Ritual to a base of Sterling for a smoky light mauve; Sterling is blue-based, it will help bring the color to more of a purple mauve tone. Or, since Ritual can fade more silvery or gray on hair with a strong yellow-blonde tone, you can just use straight Ritual and enjoy the fade! A few other mixes our Fox Fam showed us are must dyes: @Ashcattenazzi in Ritual over faded Sunset Orange @Breesglam in a Wrath and Ritual Mix @Anroberts814 in Ritual and Transylvania Have you been using Ritual in your own custom color cocktails, Fox Fam? Let us know your favorite Ritual recipes in the comments, and of course if you even need any inspo or advice to achieve your dream shade, you can always reach out to us through live chat or by sending us an email at [email protected]! So, Fox Fam, there you have it—the lowdown on Arctic Fox’s Ritual. Whether you’re a hair color pro or a total newbie, there’s no denying the magic of this iconic hue. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, and let the Ritual begin! 🌟💖

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