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Color Spotlight: Neon Moon - UV Reactive Light Yellow Hair Dye

Summer might be in full swing, but let's be honest, bright colors are a year-round vibe. Enter Neon Moon, a show-stopping semi-permanent shade from Arctic Fox’s hair color line that takes yellow to a whole new level. This cool-toned highlighter yellow isn't just vibrant, it glows under UV light, making it perfect for adding an extra pop to your look, day or night. Whether you want to rock it solo, create a dazzling neon masterpiece, or mix it into a custom shade, Neon Moon is your key to unlocking endless colorful possibilities. Coloring with Neon Moon Best practices For the most vibrant results with Neon Moon, achieving the perfect base is crucial. Here's what you need to know: Since Neon Moon is a bright color, it thrives on pre-lightened hair. The lighter your canvas, the bolder and more true-to-tone the yellow will appear. Aim for a level 9 or 10 for the most intense neon effect. Remember, yellows tend to get lost on darker bases, so a medium to dark blonde is usually the cut-off point for achieving any noticeable color. Neon Moon On Different Bases Here's a breakdown of how Neon Moon shows up on various hair levels: Level 9-10 (Light Blonde): This is the ideal base for Neon Moon. Expect a bright, vivid yellow that glows intensely under UV light. Level 7-8 (Light Brown): The yellow might show up faintly, with a possible greenish tint depending on the underlying tones in your hair. The UV glow will likely be minimal. Level 5-6 (Medium Brown): At this level, Neon Moon probably won't be visible. Get Faded: How Neon Moon Fades Like all semi-permanent dyes, Neon Moon fades over time. The good news is, it fades relatively clean within the original color spectrum. This means the yellow hues will soften and become pastel-like as they fade, maintaining a beautiful color even as it washes out. Neon Moon Mixology The magic of Neon Moon doesn't stop at its solo shine. It's a fantastic mixer, opening doors to a world of vibrant neon creations! Here are some ideas to get you started! Fairy Dust Combine a ratio of 80% Neon Moon to 20% Iris Green on a platinum base for this trending shade. Lime Green Add a few drops of Aquamarine to Neon Moon for a brighter, lime-toned effect. Neon Flare Mix 90% Neon Moon with 10% Ginger Flare for this dreamy, peachy vibe with a UV reactive twist! Orange Popsicle Nothing like a 50/50 mix of Sunset Orange and Neon Moon for the most delicious POP of color. Neon Moon on You We love seeing how creative our Fox Fam gets with Neon Moon! From bold solo applications to dazzling mixed masterpieces, show us your Neon Moon looks in the comments below. @craftyourhair in Aquamarine and Neon Moon @_raefierce in Neon Moon and Porange @hairwaytoheaven in Electric Paradise, Poison, Sunset Orange, Neon Moon, Space Cowgirl, Aquamarine @lizzvargashair in Neon Moon and Iris Green @badgaldidiii in Neon Moon @hairbygemm_a in Iris Green, Space Cowgirl, and Neon Moon Need a little extra help? For personalized advice on achieving your perfect shade of yellow or rocking Neon Moon in any way you can dream of, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]. Happy coloring!

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