Color Spotlight: Sunset Orange

Hey Fox! Are you ready for this color spotlight? US TOO! 😉 Let’s go! Our current color spotlight is none other than Sunset Orange! This versatile color can be used for tons of different looks year-round. Which makes sense as to why this shade is a consistent best seller! 🏆 Today, we’re going to cover all things Sunset Orange, so let’s get to know her a bit. Who is Sunset Orange? Sunset Orange is a vibrant red-orange that is one of the more highly pigmented shades in the AF lineup! Since it’s primarily red-based, the red undertones of Sunset Orange may come through more strongly on hair that is more of a light blonde but we’ll be getting into that more later! 🤌 Coloring With Sunset Orange 🎨🧡 Let’s go over some best practices when using Sunset Orange because if there’s one thing we’re gonna do for you bestie, it’s set you up for success! As a general rule of thumb, the darker your base, the deeper the shade! With that being said, you can do a lot with this shade on a plethora of bases and even fun mixes! Let me ask you this… What is your goal? Is it to achieve a color without bleaching your hair? Maybe you simply want to create a custom mix? Or are you planning on covering a shade using Sunset Orange right over the top? The possibilities seem endless with this shade and for good reason. She is the gift that just keeps on giving. 🎁 This fiery, deep red-orange turns out STUNNINGLY vibrant on a prelightened base (around a level 9 or lighter) ⚡However, this shade is notoriously known for going over brunette hair no problem! Curious if it’ll appear over your natural dark base? We recommend a strand test before coloring to be sure! As mentioned earlier, Sunset Orange is a surprisingly versatile shade and can be used in lots of different mixes for custom colors! However, while it’s highly pigmented and can cover up a lot of other colors pretty well, there are some instances in which using Sunset Orange may not be your best option. A faded warm tone like a red, pink, or most purples would be easily covered by a similar warm tone like Sunset Orange. But cooler shades like blues and greens may cause Sunset Orange to appear more muddy or dark if it’s applied on top 🤢 So for example, if you’re wanting to cover a blue or green shade, transitioning to a purple that can cover cooler tones more easily first, then moving more toward a red or orange, will give you a more accurate result in the long run!! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; The color wheel MATTERS! Want to learn how to understand the color wheel and become a color theory pro? Check out our other post on The Hair Color Wheel Explained ✨ Level Up: Sunset Orange on Different Hair Levels Since this shade is so pigmented, this means it will take well to a wide variety of base hair colors. Showing most vividly on a lightened base and giving more of a dark, subtle tint to darker base colors. Let’s break it down, shall we? 💃 If you’re applying Sunset Orange over a platinum base (level 9-10), you may notice it leaning more red than orange, especially when it’s fresh! Due to the red undertones, this is where you’ll be able to achieve a bold blood orange shade! On Medium and light blonde hair (level 7-8), you’ll notice the shade deepening up. On light/dark brown bases (level 4-6), Sunset Orange will turn out more of a deep orange! 🍊 The tint of color you can get using Sunset Orange over a darker base will blow you away! @yxsenxa in Sunset Orange I mean… C’MON! 😍 Get Faded: How Sunset Orange Fades Now that we understand how the Sunset Orange hair color will show up on different base levels, let’s get into how she fades! This too, is determined by your base and will go hand in hand with your undertone! The best way to explain this is by showing you ⬇️ On a pre-lightened base, you’ll find that the fade out goes from orange, to light orange, to muted orange. This is the best case scenario for fading your color, as it just becomes the lighter version of itself over time and with each wash. Check out those peachy hues 🍑 Achieve the faded version of Sunset Orange without the wait, by using a mix of Sunset Orange and Arctic Mist Diluter on pre-lightened platinum - medium blonde hair! Below you’ll see Sunset Orange and Arctic Mist in different ratios: Starting with Sunset Orange all on her own, you’ll notice that the more Arctic Mist Diluter you add, the lighter and more magical the shade 🪄 If you liked that mix, wait till you see these fresh squeezed mixes 👀 Sunset Orange Mixology Blood Orange Spritz 60% Sunset Orange and 40% Poison on a level 10 base makes this vibrant head turner. Creamsicle Base of Arctic Mist Diluter, drop of Sunset Orange, and dash of Frosé makes this creamy peach mix! Now for the best part of this entire color spotlight… 🥁😍 Sunset Orange on YOU @goosemaaan in straight up Sunset Orange 🔥 @john.n1115 used Sunset Orange and Frosé @jd0llasignn in Sunset Orange and a bit of Neon Moon @Mollyjean_ in Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine @chris0712 used Frosé and a drop of Sunset Orange Let us know your favorite color recipes with Sunset Orange in the comments! Need some more pics before making a decision? Check out our Fox Fam Facebook Group for tons of customer photos! And of course, if you ever have any questions or need help mixing up the perfect custom shade, send us an email at [email protected]. Happy coloring, Fox Fam! 🌈

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