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Arctic Fox

Arctic Mist Diluter


Want the perfect pastel? Arctic Mist diluter is the ideal base for mixing up a custom color or pastel using any other AF shade. Start with Arctic Mist, then add your next shade in (little by little) until you get that perfect hue.

The blue pictured here is Aquamarine and the pink pictured here is Virgin Pink. You can add as much or as little of your pigmented color to it as you like. If your base color isn't quite light enough for a super pastel color this is the best way to get your desired look and ensure maximum coverage. Happy mixing, may the force be with you!

Want to learn more about achieving the perfect pastel hue? Read about Pastel Hair Levels!

Note: Arctic Mist is not a dye, toner, or lightening product. This diluter will have no effect on the hair if applied by itself - it’s meant to be mixed with other colors to create custom shades.

Arctic Fox Hair Color is cruelty-free, semi-permanent hair dye that is made only from vegan ingredients. (See Arctic Mist Tutorial Video here) Read more about Arctic Mist HERE.

  • DIY Formula
  • Hydrating + Deep Conditioning
  • Best Results With Pre-Lightened Hair
  • No Harsh Chemicals (Peroxide, Ammonia, PPD)
  • Always Do a Patch & Strand Test Before Coloring
Color: Arctic Mist Diluter
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With every purchase you make we donate 15% of our net profits to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare, and we are (and always will be) 100% vegan and cruelty-free.