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    The Best AF Colors For Your Undertone

    When choosing your next AF color, considering your skin’s undertone can help narrow down your choice and accentuate your natural features.

    So what is an undertone anyway? Your skin tone is the surface level color of your skin that can change due to the season or sun exposure. For example, your summer foundation color might be darker than your winter foundation. Your undertone on the other hand is the underlying tone of your skin that is ever-present and doesn’t change with the seasons. Keep reading to find out more about how to determine your undertone and which Arctic Fox hair colors are best suited for you.

    While knowing your undertone can help narrow down your choice of color, don’t let it stop you from fully expressing yourself. We’re all about breaking the rules at AF! Read through to the end and we’ll give you some tips on how to break the rules in a way that still accommodates your undertone.

    Undertone Categories

    There are three categories of undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool undertones have a pink or bluish hue to their skin. Warm undertones have a yellow, golden, or peachy hue to their skin. Neutral undertones have undertones that are close to the color of their surface skin.

    How to Find Your Undertone

    Figuring out your undertone can be a bit confusing at first. Follow the tests below for an easy way to determine your undertone.

    Vein Method

    Take a look at your veins. A good place to look is around your wrist or the back of your hands.

    1. Do your veins appear purple or blue? You have cool undertones.
    2. Do your veins appear green or olive? You have warm undertones.
    3. Do you have a mix of blue and green, or can’t tell? You likely have neutral undertones.

    Jewelry Method

    If you have trouble seeing your veins or want confirmation of the vein method, the jewelry method is a great option! Most people are attracted to either silver or gold jewelry based on the way it looks against their skin. Grab a piece of silver and another of yellow gold. Try them on and take a look at which you feel best in.

    1. If you prefer the way silver jewelry looks on your skin, you have cool undertones.
    2. If you prefer the way yellow gold jewelry looks on your skin, you have warm undertones.
    3. If you look great in both or don’t have a preference, you likely have neutral undertones.

    White T-Shirt Method

    Throw on a white t-shirt and go outside in natural light. Pay attention to how your skin looks in comparison to the white t-shirt.

    1. If your skin looks rosy or pink, you have cool undertones.
    2. If your skin looks golden or yellow, you have warm undertones.
    3. If you don’t really see a change, you have neutral undertones.

    If you’re struggling to figure out which category you fall in, or you’re a mix of cool and warm undertones according to the tests, then you most likely have neutral undertones!

    Best AF Colors for Cool Undertones

    If you have cool undertones, cool colors will complement your skin best. Think blues and purples or colors with those undertones. Check out the color chart below for the best AF colors for cool undertones.

    Cool AF Collection:



    Best AF Colors for Warm Undertones

    If you have warm undertones, warm colors will complement your skin best. Think reds, oranges, yellows or colors with those undertones. Check out the color chart below for the best AF colors for cool undertones.

    Warm AF Collection:



    Best AF Colors for Neutral Undertones

    If you have neutral undertones, lucky you! You can rock any literally any AF color.


    How to Break the Rules

    Rules are meant to be broken, babe. So how do you break the rules while still considering your undertone?

    Frame your Face 

    Use the trendy money piece look or face framing layers in a color that does complement your undertone in combination with colors that don’t.

    @chjango john.n1115

    Split Dyes

    Split dyes are a great way to incorporate multiple colors. Choose one side that compliments your undertone with the other half that doesn’t.


    Create A Melt

    Create a melt with a color that matches your undertone closest to your face melted into a color that doesn’t match. Another option is to melt AF into your natural color. For inspo on the best color melts, make sure you’re following us on TikTok and Instagram!  



    Don’t Give A F!

    Seriously. Do whatever you want! Rules are meant to be broken, and if you feel great in a color that doesn’t complement your undertone, who cares?! Confidence is the best complement.


    A Cause to Dye for

    Our team’s mission is to inspire and celebrate all human beings. As we continue to develop products for our Fox Fam to express themselves, we think it’s important for you to know that our products are and always will be vegan and cruelty-free. Not only do we love our Fox Fam, but we L-O-V-E animals, all of them, including yours. Every year, we donate 15% of our profits to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare. We want to share with you where your money goes when you shop with us and just how we’re helping some of our favorite rescues. 

    Viva Global Rescue is an amazing rescue we’ve had the pleasure of working with for a few years now. Viva is a grassroots, LGBTQIA+ women run organization located in Southern California. Founders Maya and Kalli believe in fighting for some of the most silenced voices, through their programs they support and protect the most vulnerable animals and work to create a more compassionate world through permanent, innovative sanctuary care for animals in need while also creating sustainable solutions to animal related issues locally and globally. 

    Poppy was saved as a chick when she was on deaths door

    Opal was saved from a feed store

    Rowan was saved from a feed store

    IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)  is an international organization that explores new ways to improve conditions for animals, people and the places we call home. Each year, we make sure to donate IFAW as they work to improve the lives of all animals across the globe. In April 2022, Arctic Fox donated 50% of our monthly profits to assist with IFAW’s efforts in Ukraine - providing assistance to those fleeing war with their pets. Whether it’s your beloved pets that live in your home, elephants in the wild or the creatures living deep under the sea, we’re always happy to support IFAW and their efforts. 

    Second Chance Rescue helps over 40,000 animals each year through adoption and innovation programs and vet services. This summer, a shelter dog who had an amputation surgery for a birth defect found a forever home with an eight-year-old boy who can relate, thanks to Second Chance. To learn more about this heart-warming store, visit: 

    We’re always looking to expand our reach. On Instagram, we asked you to sound off and wanted to share some of the rescues YOU love. This helps us research rescues globally and continue to expand our community.

    Fox Fam's Top Edgy Summer Haircuts for Every Gender!

    Although any haircut is suitable for any gender expression or identity, some of the latest popular styles really hit the mark for being stylish choices for a more gender neutral look. A lot of these throwback trends are really blowing up this summer. Take a look at Fox Fam’s top three picks for trendy gender-neutral styles:

    Wolf cut

    We love how this style is a modern spin on two throwbacks, a mix between a 70’s shag and an 80’s mullet. The wolf cut has been popularized by TikTok, because it is one of the easier DIY haircuts that gives a lot of volume with its many layers. You can also do it with long, mid, or short hair, so extra points for versatility. It really feels both retro and of our current time, it's perfect for those who want an edgy look but still want to be able to style their hair in more than one way. Check out Iulia’s incredible mid length wolf cut: 



    Business in the front, party in the back! The Mullet is back! Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X are jumping on this 80’s throwback. If you want something fun and a little punk, this is the go-to all-gender style we can’t get enough of. I mean COME ON! 


    Heartthrob Bob

    First made popular by every 90’s leading man (helllllo 1995 Leo Decaprio, I’m looking at you!) the heartthrob bob is back: but this time it’s being claimed by all genders. This cropped, ultra layered short to mid length do, is the perfect look to keep cool over summer and be a part of the nineties throwback trends. This look is hot no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum, we love the heartthrob bob!




    Wolf Cut worn by and AF colors Poseidon, Aquamarine, and Virgin Pink!

    Mullet Cut by @Shrunknheads and color by @danivanburenhair, using AF Arctic MistPeriwinkleGirls NightElectric Paradise, and Frosé

    Heartthrob Bob: @bts.bighitofficial


    Comic Con, Here We Come

    Comic Con, Here We Come

    It's (one of) the most wonderful times of the year - COMIC CON! We love seeing our Fox Fam dress up as their favorite characters. If you're heading to San Diego, be sure to tag us ESPECIALLY if you're rocking Arctic Fox hair dye or Foxology gel nail strips! Since you inspire us, we figured we'd give you some inspo if you're still debating on your look. 

    She basically invented the split dye. Mister J's part-time lover is one of the most infamous cosplays out there. To get the famous pigtails we recommend a split dye of Arctic Fox's Virgin Pink mixed with Aquamarine, and straight Aquamarine

    With a brand new Disney+ show coming, we expect to see more hulked-out lawyers than ever before. Whether you're opting for the Attorney at Law look or straight up strong babe, you'll nail Miss Walters in our Phantom Green hair dye.

    No More Mutants? No thanks. With a mix of Sunset Orange and Purple AF hair dye you'll be shapeshifting all con. 

    Exactly HOW do you get the look of a free-spirited, manic pixie dream girl with ever changing hair color? Another split dye of course, this time featuring Violet Dream and Poseidon. Just beware of your exes.  

    "Moon prism power, makeup" achieved instantly with Arctic Fox's Cosmic Sunshine!

    With this mix, we ask you to be mine. Mix our Blue Jean Baby hair dye with Sterling to achieve this smoky blue for one of Tim Burton's most beloved characters. Plus, this gorgeous hue will ease you right into a new season.

    Introducing: Foxology by Arctic Fox

    Introducing: Foxology by Arctic Fox

    As your go-to beauty BFF, we are always looking for new ways to provide the Fox Fam with opportunities for fearless self-expression. Enter FOXOLOGY. Foxology is an extension of Arctic Fox Hair Color consisting of new, exciting categories that will expand on our AF mission for you to live a colorful, carefree life. All Foxology products will of course remain vegan and cruelty-free. 

    First up are Foxology Gel Nail Strips. Just like our hair products, our gel nail strips are DIY-friendly and available in a variety of colors and prints. Foxology Gel Nail strips use a multi-layer process featuring foil, glitter, and colors creating a custom, salon gel look that’s easy to achieve on your own, at home. 

    The first Foxology drop includes 12 vegan and cruelty free gel strip designs (yes, you read that right 😉) and we will be releasing more over the next year, so keep an eye out! Each gel kit includes 30 nail strips in 11 different sizes AND a gel top coat (!!!) for longer lasting nails (LED lamp sold separately). 

    Want more Foxology? Learn more about our latest launch!

    Watch the Foxology Tutorial on YouTube