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March Hairoscopes | Self-Care-O-Scopes



Plant something! Did you know that March 12th is plant a flower day? There’s something magical about walking into a plant nursery on a Saturday morning and strolling through the aisles of flowers. Find a plant or two that strikes your fancy! Then, take them home, pot them, get some dirt under your fingernails, and tell them how lovely they are! Caring for plants is a daily reminder of the growth that happens when we develop good habits. After all, plants don’t wither due to a personal flaw; it only means they simply aren’t being nourished properly. Sound like anyone you know?  



 Take a walk. All the great thinkers throughout history swore by taking walks. In fact, experts say that regular walks can add up to seven years to your life! The benefits to your mood are the greatest of all. As an added bonus, a recent Stanford study claims that walks improve your creativity by an average of 60%! More creative ideas, a better mood and a longer life? That sounds like the trifecta of self care right there! Always consider your safety when walking and don't be shy about employing the buddy system! Self-care doesn't have to be done alone: Invite a friend!




Clean out your closet! I know this seems like a big ask. Maybe that's why we seldom take stock of what we have to think about whether or not each item still represents the person we want to be. You’ve made some changes in your life and as you evolve, the sheer volume of old stuff around you can energetically hold you back. Added bonus: donating what you don't wear to someone who will is always its own reward! Don't get rid of your favorite old t-shirt, but maybe that dress you wore to your best friends’ wedding needs a new adventure with someone else. When you’re done, getting dressed will be more fun. Clearing out the old means there will be room for new gems! 



Spa night at home! Sometimes, all it takes is a face mask, some hair color and painting your nails to make you feel like you have it all together. Put it in your planner and make time to pamper yourself! Why not do a mini-makeover? Get your essential oils, play relaxing tunes, and put your phone on silent. Time alone to take care of you is sacred and an excellent way to dispel low-level anxiety. If you want to play video games or watch your fav show while you exfoliate or color your hair that’s all good! Do whatever feels sacred to YOU. 



Spend time with pets!  Hanging out with our pets is scientifically proven to make us feel better. If it’s been a while since you played with your cat or took your dog for a leisurely walk it can be a great way to boost your mood (and your buddy's mood too). Don't have a fur-baby? Ask to visit a friend whose pets you know and love, or look into volunteering at your local animal shelter! Animals have an uncanny ability to anchor us in the present moment, and the simple joys we experience in their company are a great reminder to take time to witness the beauty of every day.  



Dance Party! There is something so cathartic about dancing around the house to your favorite songs and singing your heart out! Put on some comfy clothes and let the freestyle weirdness begin! Dancing when no one is watching is a great way to get out of your head and into the moment. We have a tendency to put on a persona for the world: that’s just part of being human. But hey, in the privacy of your own room, there are no rules about how you need to look or act. Be free, be weird, and shake out all the cobwebs. Does anybody else live for a Disney soundtrack marathon or is that just me?



Listen to a podcast. So much of what we take in now is visually loud and in 2019, a lot of us don’t have as many one-on-one conversations with people since it’s so easy to send texts and tag our posse in memes. Listening to someone carry on a conversation with another human being is inexplicably calming, and what’s better than learning new things? I like to listen to podcasts while I grocery shop! Since audio is having a moment in media there are so many different topics to choose from, so you can find one to suit your mood. Or, if you feel so inclined, why not try starting one yourself?!



Journal. You’ve most likely heard this advice before, but writing in a journal can seem daunting. The blank page intimidates us all as we struggle to find something worth writing about. In the book “The Artist’s Way”, Julie Cameron instructs us to write at least 3 pages of whatever is cluttering up our minds in the morning. It’s about getting away from the suburban ideas you usually travel through long enough to meet the wilderness of your mind. I highly recommend it. There is something about journaling that won't let you get stuck on the same thoughts: you can’t write the same thing over and over so you find your way past ideas that might be keeping you stuck. Don’t want to spend time handwriting it? Try a free online journal that only you know the password to!  

Your Shades: STERLING


Plan a vacation for the future! Sure, you might not be able to leave for a vacation this week, this month, or even this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning it! You've got to dream it before you can do it. Make your favorite hot drink and start a Pinterest board for your dream destination. Then, you can list all of the fun things you want to do while you’re there! Bonus points for creating a budget to help you set aside some money every month to make it happen. If you're not into traveling you can plan a stay-cation instead! Find places nearby that you could get to on a weekend and see the sites you've never seen in your own backyard! 



Create the ultimate playlists! Music is a universal language, and the right playlist can change your vibe and how you move throughout your life. Curate and cultivate the ultimate playlists for the moods in your universe: i.e. a chill-out playlist for when you’re dealing with anxiety or a work out playlist for when you need to get your head in the game. Music might not be the solution to your problems, but the soundtrack to your life should be epic. Already have your go-to jams queued up? Make someone you love a mix-tape style playlist to let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life. Spread the love and raise those vibrations!


#DyeForACause | Charities We Support

Fox Fam, did you know that we donate 15% of all our profits to charities that focus on ending animal abuse? That means every time you buy Arctic Fox Hair Color you are helping animals all over the world! We love to volunteer with local organizations, but mainly focus on three charities in particular: Second Chance Animal Services, the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. We’ve featured these charities on our IG stories before - maybe you’ve seen some of the pics from our annual volunteer trip to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation! Today is National Love Your Pet Day, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to let our Fox Fam know more about the charities you're helping us support. If you’ve ever wanted to know more, read on!
Second Chance is a no-kill, non-profit, award-winning shelter - but they’re much more than just a shelter! Based out of Massachusetts, Second Chance provides a wide variety of services to their local area: full-service vet care, community outreach, educational programs, training classes, and even pet food pantries! They have subsidized pricing options for their veterinary services to make sure everyone in their community is able to provide the best care possible for their pets, including spay/neuter services, vaccinations, and microchips. Their excellent work is evident in the many awards they’ve received, such as awards from,, and Combining aspects of a rescue, shelter, and veterinarian, Second Chance really does it all!


Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue that focuses primarily on abused animals and dogs caught in the Asian meat trade. Based out of the Los Angeles area, founder Marc Ching has been a champion for abused dogs both in LA and throughout China, where dogs are often purposely tortured before being butchered for their meat. He has personally made many trips to China to rescue dogs, bringing them to a safe haven to be treated, rehabilitated, and re-homed. In addition to this crucial work, AHWF operates where concerned citizens can report cases of suspected animal abuse. They are also spearheading a canine microchip initiative in China after learning that 80% of dogs caught in the meat trade are stolen pets. We’re proud to support an organization doing such important work!


The International Fund for Animal Welfare is a global animal safety & conservation organization. IFAW has a very broad scope, with offices in 15 countries around the world working toward the betterment of all animals for 50 years! They operate a wide variety of programs, but maintain a special focus on influencing policy-making worldwide for the ethical improvement of the treatment of animals. Most of their operations have a concentration on animal rescue, education, political advocacy, wildlife crime prevention, and wildlife and marine conservation. Their employees and volunteers range from rescue workers, conservation specialists, and policy experts, to veterinarians, scientists, and educators. One of their most recent projects was a bill banning the ivory trade in the UK - we’re so excited that the measure passed in December, an amazing victory for the safety of elephants worldwide!


With your help, we’re getting a little bit closer to ending animal cruelty every day! We couldn’t do this without the love and support of all our Fox Fam, so on behalf of each of these organizations: Thank You!! If you share our dream of a world without animal cruelty, we hope you’ll help out your local charities and organizations. It can be as easy as donating blankets and as fun as walking dogs or playing with kittens! We’d love to learn about how you’re helping animals in your community, so let us know in the comments!



Coley Baker is AF’s customer support guy, volunteer color tester, and resident Dungeon Master. His hair has been just about every Arctic Fox shade, so firsthand color knowledge is his specialty! He currently resides in north San Diego with his partner and dog, where they can usually be found being beach bums or rolling up new Dungeons and Dragons characters.

Hairoscopes: Your February MANE-tra

Hairoscopes: Your February MANE-tra

Your February Hairoscopes are here... 

Want to know a secret? It's not ever really about what happens in our lives; it's about how we handle it. Your rock-solid January resolve may be waning as you head into a new month so instead of telling you what could go wrong, we're giving you mantras based on your hair color. Meditate on yours as you move throughout your day. Or read them all and choose your fav! We hope they help to empower you in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. Let us know how it goes! 


Your monthly mantra: “Respect the unexpected".

Your success will largely depend on your ability to change your plans, change your mind and even change your mindset. Some of our most profound discoveries are made possible thanks to the magical serendipity of what we call accidents. Adapt.

Your AF Shades: Virgin Pink, Electric Paradise 


Your monthly mantra:  “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit". 

Be patient with yourself; the hard work you've been doing hasn't magically changed your life... yet. It will. Keep going.


Your AF Shades: Girls Night, Violet Dream, Purple Rain 


Your monthly mantra: "Progress not perfection".

In life, mistakes are inevitable, but they are also extremely valuable. You aren't perfect- you are singular, extraordinary and rare! Which is SO much more fun.

Your AF shades: Poseidon, Aquamarine, Periwinkle 


You monthly mantra: "Old ways won't open new doors".

It's a new year, we are staying hydrated, we are trusting our intuition and we are eliminating what doesn't help us evolve. If your habits aren't helping you build the life you deserve, it's time to make some changes. 

Your AF shades: Phantom Green, Iris Green, Neverland 


Your monthly mantra: “The grass is greener where you water it”. 

You know that Instagram isn’t reality but if you find yourself comparing your behind the scenes with other people’s highlight reel, redirect your focus toward how you can improve the quality of your life.

Your AF shades: Neon Moon, Cosmic Sunshine 


Your monthly mantra: “This is the best thing to happen to me because…”.

Take time to reflect on the challenges in your past; sit in gratitude for all the tough times that made you strong and gave you some of the best things in your life.


Your AF Shades: Porange, Sunset Orange


Your monthly mantra:  “What other people think about me is none of my business”. 

At the end of the day, what other people think is something you can never fully know or control; by focusing on what you can control, you take your power back.  

Your AF Shades: Poison, Wrath 


Your monthly mantra: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. 

Often, we think we need more resources when what we really need is to change the way we use the ones already at our fingertips. Audit your life for places where you’re wasting time and energy.  

Your AF Shades: Transylvania, Sterling