Color Spotlight: Purple AF Hair Dye

If you’ve ever tried our Purple AF hair dye before, you know she is the QUEEN of the AF hair color rainbow 🌈 Reigning high as our best selling hair dye, there’s no doubt why she’s held the crown for so long! 🥇👑 You may be asking yourself, “soo who is she”? If you haven’t met her yet, it’s truly an HONOR to introduce you! 💜 Purple AF is a beautiful deep, yet vibrant purple hair color. While it looks relatively dark, it will still show up as an extremely vivid, intense purple hair color on a lightened base. Hair level should be at least a 7 if you’re looking the brightest and boldest purple. However, Purple AF hair color on a darker base will still achieve a visible purple tint (especially in the sunlight ☀️ because she definitely falls in the range of vivid hair dyes)! In fact, Purple AF is one of our best hair dye options for tinting unbleached hair. Let us show you what we mean… Purple AF on a lightened base is definitely giving… ‘Grape Goddess’ 🤤🍇 As you may notice, Purple AF hair dye will give a hint of a dark purple hue to a brunette base. It can even tint medium or dark brown hair with more of a deep eggplant or burgundy hue. Click here to watch this fox transform her brunette base into a deep purple! If you’re not sure what hair level you are, take a glance below for a hair level chart! 👇 Levels 6-8 may be tricky to gauge what colors would appear best, so we pulled our favorite shades for level 6-8 hair for you here! Now that you’ve officially met Purple AF, let’s just run through some other questions you may have about why this is quite literally the best purple hair color on the market. What’s So Special About Purple AF? Our colorful collection of semi-permanent hair dyes are special in their own way, but something they ALL have in common is the deeply hydrating formula with zero harsh chemicals, leaving your hair feeling totally soft post-dye. Did we mention that delicious grape scent? Yep, we know our Foxes love to change it up frequently, so we made sure that our dyes would smell delicious just for you. We love using Purple AF and getting whiffs of grape because it feels like we’re completely immersed in purple grape glory. Purple AF was one of the very first colors that launched Arctic Fox and it has been a best seller ever since. This color is SO versatile as it can cover several hair bases, create stunning mixes and melts, used as a toner (what?!), has a gorgeous fade, and is highly pigmented. She makes our list of “Best Colors for Unbleached Hair,” and “Best Shades for First Time Dyers,” plus we’ll show you some of the magical mixes she can make. We talk a lot about trends that come and go each season, but one thing remains true - Purple AF is timeless. This color is so gorgeous she’s in a league of her own and truly never goes out of style, especially with those violet undertones. We’ve seen some Foxes who have adopted Purple AF as their very own signature color and we get it, we live and dye by purple too. Purple AF sits just between cool and warm tones on the color wheel. Because of those violet undertones, her complementary color is yellow which is why Purple AF hair dye can also be used to help tone. Let’s Get Faded With Purple AF Like we said, her fade is GORGEOUS. Our purples are formulated to fade in more of a pink range over time (and then eventually silver on platinum hair). However, a true purple like Purple AF on a platinum base can also fade … You guessed it, PURPLE! It’s important to note that the fade out depends highly on your hair level and undertones, so be certain to factor it all in and perform a handy dandy strand test! Practically Purple Perfection Purple AF is practically flawless, BUT if you’re not paying attention to the color wheel, fading, hair health or hair levels, it might not achieve your dream shade. Maybe Purple AF turned out a bit too dark for your taste? Try washing your hair in warm water to help speed up the fade, or use some Purple AF hair color with Arctic Mist Diluter for your next application to achieve a more medium purple result! 😌 Arctic Mist Diluter and Purple AF is one of the most gorgeous mixes you can make. you add more and more Arctic Mist Diluter. (ex: Far right is a base of Arctic Mist Diluter and just a drop or two of Purple AF) 💜🤍 Purple AF As a Cover Up Purple AF is a go-to when we’re looking to cover up another hair color. We love to paint over any pinks, greens and blues using Purple AF. Keep in mind, painting over blue will get you more of a burgundy depending on how faded it is! Our personal favorite is the way Purple AF covers Virgin Pink! 🤩 Like .. c’mon! 💕⏩💜 Purple AF Loves Our Gray Haired Foxes We get this question a TON and our gray-haired foxes truly love Purple AF. Since gray hair tends to be more coarse and the hair follicles create less oil, it does make it harder for the color to stick. However, we’ve seen a lot of success with customers using our more pigmented shades for grays, to achieve the perfect tint of color! 🎨Purple AF Hair Dye Custom Mixes 🎨 Now for the fun part! If you’re a DIY-expert and custom color fanatic like us, Purple AF is a must-have! She can be used to create some of the most gorgeous and unexpected color mixes. Let’s jump in! 🏊‍♀️ Midnight Blue This is one of our most requested Fox Fam mixes and of course Purple AF is part of the recipe. Start off with level 10 hair and mix together 1/2 ratio of Aquamarine Hair Dye + 1/2 Purple AF Hair Dye. The amount you use is going to depend on your hair length, but that’s your ratio to get this deep, gorgeous blue. If you’re looking to achieve a cooler blue hue, you’ll want to add just a little more Aquamarine hair dye!🌀🫐 Fiery Fuschia Starting with level 10 hair, you’ll want to start off with Frosé hair dye in your mixing bowl. Add a drop of Purple AF hair dye and a drop of Ritual hair dye. Mix it all together and perform a strand test to be sure you’re getting this electric, yet soft purple color! ⚡️🦄 Fiery Cowboy Copper One of the HOTTEST colors to date. Almost every Fox we know has asked for this mix and it’s true, Purple AF is needed to nail it. This mix works on hair levels 8-10 and starts with Ginger Flare hair dye. Starting with a base of Ginger Flare, add a drop or two of Purple AF hair dye to get this highly sought after deep auburn mix! 🌅🥕 Plum Wine To get this stunning plum shade, you’ll want to start with a base level 10. Starting with a base of Wrath hair color, you’ll want to add a drop or two of Purple AF hair color until you get the perfect deep warm red! 🍓🍷This stunning mix could work for hair levels slightly lower than 10 as well since Wrath and Purple AF are two of our most pigmented dyes. Mystical Purple At first glance, this color looks almost unreal but we promise you can have her all to yourself. Start off with pre-lightened hair to a level 10. Your base is going to be Frosè hair dye, and you’ll add a drop of the not-so-secret ingredient, Purple AF to achieve this eye-popping amethyst purple! 🔮 🎨How the Fox Fam Customizes Purple AF 🎨 @jamjam_beautyco used Purple AF over a brunette base @marilanae in Wrath and Purple AF @theeglamnaija used Ritual and a bit of Purple AF 🍒 @kunailuv is rocking the Ginger Spice Mix! 🍊🐅 ✨ Purple AF’s Versatility ✨ ✨ In general, purple is a very versatile color simply because it’s a combination of warm and cool tones, made with red and blue. Just about ANY color or mix can include Purple AF for added depth. ✨ Feel free to leave the dye on for an hour… or a few 😉 Our formula is conditioning and non-damaging, so it’s like putting on a hair mask! Plus, this allows the colors to saturate longer to pull more pigment. Compromising color and hair health is never a struggle when you’re using Arctic Fox hair dyes! 🙅‍♀️💧 ✨ If you’re coloring your hair blue and it appears teal due to some yellow undertones, just add some Purple AF to cancel out the yellow and give you a truer blue shade! We told you, she’s magic. ✨ Love blue hair but hate a green fade? Add in a touch of Purple AF to prevent a green fade, violá! ✨ Brassy/yellow tones in your hair when you were aiming for ashy blonde? Add a drop or two of Purple AF and Poseidon to your shampoo and conditioner for a DIY purple shampoo with a light toning effect. OH, and if you’re looking for a way to truly tone your hair, Purple AF can do that too! 💅 In a bowl of Arctic Mist, mix a few drops of Poseidon and Purple AF for a DIY hair toner! Sooo what can’t she do?? Purple AF hair dye is our most popular color for a reason, Fox Fam! Let us know your favorite way to use this queen of color in the comments and as always, let us know if you have any questions! Stay colorful, Fox Fam! 🌈✨💕🤗 Support: [email protected] Socials: @arcticfoxhaircolor

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