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    Easy to apply!
    Used only once, the colour is still pretty good after 3 washes.
    I hope it will be the same for the next application 😍😍

    Beautiful and easy to apply!!

    Amazing customer service and the colors apply so easy! I applied the colors the worst way possible by putting globs on my head and brushing them through. It came out perfect and EVEN! The dyes from here also smell good and are easy to wash out of my mixing bowls, whisks, and brushes. Beyond happy, thank you so much!

    Susanne Mason
    Super dark

    I'm upset this color made my hair black

    Leslee Warf
    I love a good ritual 😍

    I had been blonde over 10 yrs and just needed a change! This was so easy to apply and clean up! I looooooove the way it turned out! Blonde-before

    That Ritual is freaking amazing on you!!!

    Perfect even when faded. My favorite color ever!

    I have used various shades of Arctic Fox in the past, but have decided that my favorite color is Ritual. My natural color now is gray. The Ritual shade looks awesome when it first goes on, nice and dark burgundy. Then over time it fades to a deep fuchsia, then to a brighter pink. By that time, my roots have grown out, so I dye it again. This is my favorite color, and I intend to keep my hair this color until I cannot dye it anymore. Also, when I apply it, my hair feels so very soft and conditioned. It truly is good for my hair. *peace*!

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