Slay Your Way to Healthy Hair: Bleach, Please Aftercare Guide

Hey, Fox Fam! 🌈✨Having the perfect platinum doesn't stop at the bleach bowl – maintaining beautiful healthy hair after using Bleach, Please is just as important as bleaching properly. If you haven’t bleached yet, check out how to use Bleach, Please here, and then come back to learn why post-bleach aftercare is your blonde hair’s new bestie. @kenzie_teague rocked Bleach, Please for her icy blonde, and added hydration with Money Hunny and Pool Party for air-dried waves. 🏖️ Hair Hydration Post Bleach Hydrating your hair after bleaching is a MUST. Bleached hair gets a bit dry and fragile because the process opens the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, making moisture harder to lock in. Hydration is like a superhero shield, making your hair flexible, shiny, and less likely to break. It's the secret sauce for saying bye-bye to those pesky split ends! 🌈✨ Show your hair some love and opt for hydrating products 💁‍♀️🌟 ✨AF Pro Tip✨ Drink water for healthy hair! Hydration isn't just important for your body, it's a game-changer for your hair too! Drinking water keeps your hair cells happy and well-hydrated, ensuring they retain moisture and stay flexible. When your locks are adequately hydrated from the inside, they're less likely to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. So, sip that H2O for hair that's as hydrated as your favorite skincare routine! 💦🌟 Limit Wash Days Limited washing is another ingredient in the secret sauce! 🚿💫 Too much shampooing strips away those natural oils that keep your locks glossy and thriving. Spacing out your wash days is the key to preserving those natural oils, maintaining vibrancy, and letting your hair shine - literally! ✨💖 Enter the game-changer: dry shampoo! 🌬️🌟 Arctic Fox's dynamic duo, Vacay and Road Trip, are your go-to squad for refreshing those strands in between washes. They soak up excess oil, add volume, and keep your hair feeling fresh without the daily washdown. How Heat Affects Bleached Hair Bleached babes, listen up – we already know excessive heat styling and hot water are the villains behind color fading, but they also are one of the biggest threats to bleached hair 🥵! To keep your hair health intact, go easy on hot tools and opt for warm, not scalding, water. Limit heat tool usage to 2-3 times a week at most to prevent damage. When you do use hot tools, stick to lower temperature settings – around 300°F or lower is your hair's happy place. And here's the golden rule when using a hot tool: always, always use a heat protectant as a shield for your hair! Opt for embracing heatless styles, like braids, buns, sock bun curls, or air-dry with some Money Hunny to tame the frizz, so you can give your locks a break. Don’t forget, the heat from harmful UV rays contributes to drying and damaging bleached hair. Shield those beach blonde strands from harsh sun with OG hair perfume & UV protectant ☀️ It is made with ingredients like Helioxine, a powerful sun shield derived from sunflowers that also keeps free radicals at bay, and humectants, one of the best hair hydrators🌻Plus, OG Hair Perfume & UV Protectant also has our signature grape scent, just like our dyes 🍇 The only thing that should be super hot, is how you look with your new hair 😏🔥 Hair Products to Use Post-Bleach 1. Hydrating Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner Foxes, when it comes to your hair game, always roll with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are the guardians of bleached hair. They're gentle, keeping your hair moisturized and frizz-free without stripping away all those natural oils. Check out AF’s Resurrected Shampoo + Conditioner – it's the sulfate-free fairy godmother your hair's been wishing for. Packed with goodies like argan oil and green tea extract, it's the ultimate combo for strong, shiny, and vibrant tresses. Plus, it's got your back in the color preservation game. No harsh detergents here, just pure love for your mane. And let's be real, nobody wants a red, irritated scalp after bleaching – not cute! Keep it sulfate-free, keep it fresh. 💁‍♂️✨ Say hello to your bleached-treated hair's dynamic duo! 💪🚿 2. Conditioning Masks Hair masks are heroes for your post-bleach hair! 🦸‍♀️✨ Use them weekly, or even daily if you're feeling extra! Arctic Fox’s Pool Party is the ultimate hydration haven 🌴✨ This foaming hair mask isn't just a product; it's a haircare experience. Apply enough to saturate dry hair, leave it in for a blissful 10 minutes (or more!), then rinse and condition. Your hair emerges revitalized, ready to conquer the day. But hold up, the magic doesn't end there – you can also use Pool Party as a leave-in conditioner! Just a dab on wet hair, and boom, you've locked in that moisture all day. 🌊 3. Hair Serums and Oils Hit the haircare jackpot and get you some Money Hunny! 💰✨ This serum, armed with Prodew®500, Keravis, and a blend of hydrating oils like argan and avocado, is your MVP for post-bleaching. 🌈💪 Give your locks the love they deserve – add 1-2 pumps, depending on hair length and thickness, from mid-length to ends. Money Hunny is lightweight, so it can (and should) be used daily to keep those locks hydrated and frizz free. 💁‍♀️💖 Adding a post-bleaching oil routine will level up your hair health 🛢️✨ Use the power trio: argan, avocado, or jojoba (a blend of all of them is great too). They’re all oils that can penetrate the hair shaft – it’s like a spa day for your hair, drenching it in the hydration it craves. The frequency of use depends on your hair type and needs, but generally, using hair oils 1-2 times a week as a treatment or leaving them in overnight can work wonders in restoring vitality to your strands. Just don't OD on the oil, or you might end up with a greasy situation – balance is key! 🌿✨ ✨AF Pro Tip✨ Add some Money Hunny Repair Serum and oil from mid-length to ends before your wash routine. 🌈💰 This power move shields your locks, keeping that precious moisture locked in. Shampoo, we see you – you're all about cleaning the scalp and roots, right? 👀 But the less shampoo gets to your luscious lengths, the better! 🚿🌟 Keep those tresses hydrated pre-wash, and watch how shampoo won't dry out your hair. 🌊💖 4. Bond Builders Don't skip the bond-building! 🔗✨ after you've given your locks the bleach treatment, it's time for some real talk about bond builders – the unsung heroes of post-bleach life! 🚀✨ Bond builders are like your hair's repair squad. They help mend any broken bonds caused by bleaching, making sure your hair stays strong. 💪🌈 Think of it as insurance for your strands – when you use it, the more resilience and bounce your hair retains. Your hair will thank you 💖 5. Silk Accessories Wearing a silk bonnet or using a silk pillowcase is like giving your bleached hair a VIP treatment while you catch those Zs! 🌙✨ Bleaching makes your tresses more delicate, and silk protects your mane from tangles and breakage. 🦸‍♀️💖 The smooth silk surface is like a cozy hug for your hair, preventing it from getting all tangled up and keeping that fresh bleach job intact. Plus, it's a chic bedtime accessory that adds a touch of glam to your beauty sleep routine! 😴🌟 So, slip on that silk bonnet and pillowcase, dream big, and wake up with hair that's as smooth as the day before. How Often Can You Bleach Your Hair Without Damage? 1. Understand Your Hair's Limit Understanding the factors that determine your hair's bleach tolerance is a personal equation involving your hair type, its natural strength, and past treatments. Some of the red flags of over-bleaching: if your once vibrant strands start resembling a tumbleweed, feel straw-like, or if you spot breakage– Your hair's talking to you; listen up and adjust those bleach sessions accordingly 🚫 2. Time Between Bleaching Sessions When it comes to bleach sessions, don’t push your hair past the limit 🚫⏰ Typically, you should be waiting at least 4 to 6 weeks between bleaching. This golden window lets your hair recharge, repair, and maintain its moisture. However, there's no one-size-fits-all here! 🌈💇‍♀️ We always recommend consulting a professional’s personalized advice. Whether your hair craves a little extra time or is ready for your next color adventure, let the experts guide you. 🌟💖 ✨Achieving and maintaining the perfect platinum locks with Bleach, Please is a journey that extends beyond the initial bleaching process. Your post-bleach aftercare routine is crucial in ensuring your blonde hair remains vibrant, flexible, and healthy. Hydration is the key, and Arctic Fox Hair Care products like AF’s Resurrected Shampoo + Conditioner, Pool Party hair mask, and Money Hunny hair serum play essential roles in keeping your locks nourished and frizz-free. Don't forget that bond builders can help repair and strengthen your hair after the bleaching adventure. Understanding your hair's limit, waiting between bleach sessions, limited washing, and minimizing heat exposure are vital components in the recipe for luscious, long-lasting blonde locks. With the right aftercare routine, your bleached hair can shine with radiance and resilience 💖✨Embrace the journey and slay your way to healthy, happy hair! 💁‍♀️💖

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