No-Heat Hairstyles for Dyed Hair

Recently changed the color of those gorgeous locks? It’s time to give that mane a break and switch up the hair routine with some no-heat hairstyles. Yes! Your hair needs a break every now and then from curling irons and flat irons to recover. Here’s some easy and fun no-heat hairstyles for dyed hair you can try this season! Space Buns Can’t go wrong with this whimsical hairstyle! This hairstyle requires minimal effort but makes you look like the trendy queen you aspire to be. Simply split your hair into two parts (you might want to add some AF Money Hunny Repair Serum to keep those buns nice and slicked back) and make two ponytails. You can also play with this style and wear your buns high or low! Once those ponytails are made simply wrap them tight around and use bobby pins to secure your bun. You can create a messy space bun or a super sleek bun, there’s so many ways to make this hairstyle funky! Heatless Curls With Overnight Braids Tend to reach for the snooze button every morning? We’ve got the perfect no-heat hairstyle for you! The best overnight heatless curls come from damp clean hair, so make sure you give your hair a nice wash with Arctic Fox Resurrected strengthening shampoo & conditioner! If you’re looking for a looser morning curl then separate your hair into bigger sections (2 can work) and make yourself some simple french braids. For a tighter curler create smaller sections that you can make into smaller french braids. The smaller curls will take a little extra effort the night before, but once you wake up you simply undo the braids and voila! Slicked Back Ponytail Nothing says chic with no effort like a slicked back ponytail! If you’re one of those gals that washes your hair once or twice a week this style is great for those in between days. You can always spray some Arctic Fox Road Trip Dry Shampoo to give your hair a quick boost if it’s feeling too oily. To get this look, comb your hair thoroughly into a ponytail, add a little AF money hunny serum to tame any baby hairs- this will help you achieve that sleek finish! Pull it to your preferred style by wearing your ponytail high or low. Let us know if you try any of the no-heat hairstyles for dyed hair in the comments!

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