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    Curl Food

    I have really thin but curly hair. Most products weigh it down and look greasy. My curls love this, they actually look like curls and not poodle head. I will be repurchasing; I wish it came in a bigger tube as well.

    Alicia S
    Baby Fine Hair Help

    So I have baby fine thin hair which bleaching/dyeing helps that cause it creates a little more volume for me anyways. The downside is the damage it causes my hair. (Drying, breaking, split ends) I also tend to be more on the oily scalp side normally so I have to be careful the products I use don't have already contain a lot of oil in it. Otherwise I end up with the "I've just been swimming" look.. just not on purpose. I got this Money Hunny leave in conditioner along with their repairing shampoo/conditioner set. I was concerned it would be too much using all together and would weigh my hair down or worse. Quite the OPPOSITE happened in fact. It doesn't weigh down My hair at all.. it makes it look soft, and fab, even tho my hair is Virgin Pink and by all rights should just be a crazy rats nest. I will continue to use these products for the foreseeable dying future! I love the smell. It makes me look and FEEL amazing. Best part is all the random compliments! I am a fan 4 life now. Thanks AF for making hair dying an enjoyable experience again. I made the switch from OverTone to ARCTIC FOX for good!! Have you?

    I love it!!

    Griselle Nazario de Jesus
    This product is awesome

    it actually works great and helps with my ugly split ends, my hair is alive again.

    Amanda Clewell
    Reduces Frizz

    This is my favorite post-shower hair serum. Easy to apply and smells great! Helps my damaged hair stay frizz-free and soft!

    Kari Keppert
    Amazing stuff

    The money honey is one of my new favorite out of the shower uses. It makes my hair feel super soft and sleek. I have found other hair brands that leave my hair a few days later gross, sweaty, and in a way made my roots feel hard and rough. But days later without washing my hair, the Money Honey leaves my hair fresh and clean. This product really works and I love it!!! Thank you Arctic Fox keep it up!!!!

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