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Our Favorite Fall Mixes!

Fall is finally here, Fox Fam! 🤪🍁 We’ve gathered some of our favorite hair color mixes for all of your fall hair transitions. ✨ From warm tones to dark smokey hues, we’ve got all of your Fall color inspo in one place. Sit back, relax, and get ready to get inspired! Here are some of our favorite color mixes that we’re loving this season. Feel the (Burn)gundy 😏 This one is so nice, we had to mix it twice. Burgundy tones make us feel ALL the feels, and for good reason. Try it yourself by mixing Frosé and Ritual (top) for a lighter take on the trend, or go dark by mixing Ritual and Blue Jean Baby (bottom) for a richer color that’s also friendly to darker hair bases! Dream of Green(ie) One of our highest requested mixes this season! Forest green has become one of your favorite shades (and ours too 😉). This mix is suitable for just about ALL hair base levels, showing up vibrantly of prelightened hair, and as a gorgeous tint on darker bases. 🌲 Try it for yourself by mixing Phantom Green Aquamarine and a touch of Transylvania. Ginger Spice Our ginger spice mix is one of our most beloved mixes of all time, and for good reason! 🧡 This custom shade requires a base of Cosmic Sunshine, a bit of Sunset Orange and a dollop of Purple AF to create this ginger tone. BUT, you can also modify the mix to achieve a more coppery tone by adding in more Sunset Orange and Purple AF to the mix! Let’s Get Witchy Did someone say… smokey purple? 😏💜 To say we’re OBSESSED with this shade, would be an understatement. Want to turn heads? Try this truly unique shade (suitable for darker bases) by mixing up Violet Dream and Transylvania! Let us know in the comments below if you will be trying any of these mixes!

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