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    Bree Tiano
    Living my best goth life

    Absolutely stunning color. I've wanted to go black since I was a kid, and this was the absolute perfect color. I had a little leftover Sunset Orange from the beginning of summer, mixed that in to neutralize the blue tones, and it looks incredible. On top of that, I decided to bleach over the roots to do an orange hotroot for spooky season, and the Transylvania lifted really well to leave a perfect canvas for the orange. And I know that I'll be able to easily cover the orange with the black when I'm over the look, so it's a win all around!

    Haley H
    Vampy goodness

    Deep blue black GREAT for mixing with Phantom Green! It also covers my medium brown hair “roots” really well! I swear it stains anything it even so much as looks at 😂 but it’s black so that makes sense!

    Ashlea Givens
    Love this!

    I add this to other arctic fox colors to darken them just a bit and it works great. Also used it by itself and it works just like it should has a blue/purple hue to it as is fades so pretty

    Annabeth Mellon
    Not what expected but beautiful!

    This color is much more indigo than I expected. The first day or two it was black, but after one wash it faded enough that it wouldn't even be read as black from across the room. I was a tiny bit disappointed with this BUT the color that it faded to is so lovely that I can't stop looking at it so I would say it worked out! After that initial fade it stays very strong, as I think most blue-tinted colors do. It's been two weeks now and it doesn't look any different than it did after the second or third wash.

    Tara Honeyman
    My favourite hair colour

    Smells and looks divine

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