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Color Spotlight: Frosé Hair Dye

Baby pink hair has been a trendsetter for as long as we can remember, if you’ve been looking for a true pastel pink, we got it on tap! Our baby pink pastel hair dye, Frosé is the sweetest hue! Her soft, true pink tones are perfect for dipping your toe into the world of vivids with a non-committal pink that’ll still turn heads. Frosé is much more of a true pink compared to some of our other pink tones. If you’ve worked with diluted Virgin Pink or Electric Paradise, you know that these colors have a slight magenta/fuchsia and coral/peachy undertone respectively. But Frosé is right in the middle of the spectrum between the two, and doesn’t lean too strongly into either the cool or warm range! She looks stunning on warm AND neutral undertones, and eases any lucky head of hair into the world of color with stunning hues that make you want to pour her up as much as you can. Coloring with Frosé Everyone wants to go pastel - especially baby pink pastel. But getting there can be slightly trickier than it seems! When it comes to Frosé (and any pastel) your base is everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. You MUST start with a clean, platinum base for the true baby pink you’re looking for and any other base color will yield different results, or not results at all. If you have had a brighter color and are looking to transition to Frosé, you’ll need to completely remove your color with a color remover and make sure your base is clean before splashing on Frosé and expecting the baby pink of your dreams. That being said, Frosé is a true pink and if you’re ready for the upkeep, you can enjoy the dreamiest pink head of hair as long as you’d like! Level Up: Frosé on Different Hair Levels Frosé is the baby pink stunner in our pastel lineup, so you’ll need a platinum base to get the full effect! On a level 8 blonde, Frosé hair dye will give a dusty rose, while level 7 blondes will see a darker, smokier rose - both are stunning. If you want a barely-there pastel and are searching for just a hint of pink, start with level 10 platinum hair and dilute with Arctic Mist Diluter as needed. Don’t forget to do a trusted strand test so you can be sure that your hair is at the level needed for that perfect baby pink. 👑 Get Faded: How Frosé Fades Since Frosé is a pastel stunner, consistent maintenance and upkeep is a must to keep that baby pink hue look its best. This hair dye tends to fade quicker than some of our other vivids, which is very common when it comes to pastel hair dye. You’ll want to keep a bottle on hand for frequent touch ups, and make sure your base color is a level 10 for best results. Luckily, our DIY friendly formula makes it easier than ever to add color to your conditioner, or do a quick touch up session in the comfort of your own home! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick pink blush to those locks that’ll fade out beautifully - Frosé is your girl. Frosé Mixology: Customizing the Baby Pink Pastel Like our entire semi-permanent hair dye lineup, Frosé is easy to customize and can make a STUNNING mix with other pinks, and almost any other AF hair color! Since Frosé is a pastel hair dye and is naturally lighter than our other pinks, she makes an excellent addition to custom mixes, but keep in mind that if you’re looking for the true baby pink, she shines on her own. Let’s dive into some custom mixes with our fav pink pastel! Barbie Dreamhouse Frosé and Electric Paradise Start with a level 10 base and mix up a 50/50 ratio of Frosé hair dye and Electric Paradise hair dye! Electric Paradise is UV reactive, so this mix will have a slight tint of her glowing properties, but not too overpowering. It’s the pink of our collective Barbie DREAMS. Rusty Pink Frosé and Poison This one’s a head turner! This mix needs a platinum base. Start with two parts Frosé hair dye to one part Poison hair dye and you get this bright, coral, rusted pink. She’s unique enough to turn heads, but also falls perfectly in the range of the peachy pink that’s totally taking over 2024. Hot, HOT Pink Frosé and Virgin Pink Virgin Pink hair dye is at the top of the charts year after year, and when you add Frosé into the mix you get this vibrant hot pink that will breathe energy into your strands. On a level 10 base, go for a 50/50 ratio of Virgin Pink and Frosé, and whew! This mix is definitely one for our bold babes, but you’ll want to pour it on a light base to get the true, HOT pink! Bubblegum Pink Frosé and Wrath We can just hear the bubblegum pop when we look at this mix. Sassy, flirty, and the life of the party, bring this mix to life on a level 10 base with two parts Frosé hair dye to one part Wrath hair dye. Who knew our red stunner with our baby pink pastel could create such an electrifying mix!? Mauvelous Rose Frosé and Ritual Smoky, lustrous, and magical. Sounds about right? On level 10 hair, start with a base of Frosé hair color then add just a drop of Ritual hair dye (or more if needed). Don’t forget to strand test before you woo anyone and everyone with that magical head of hair! Frosé on You We LOVE seeing our Fox Fam proudly rock their colors, and Frosé is no exception! @peachy.rosie in Frosé @maggiejoachim in Frosé over a bleached base pictured with lighting from a sunset lamp. @msnataliejean in Virgin Pink and Frosé @lolitadiamond in Frosé, Electric Paradise, and Virgin Pink @itsmobiatch in Frosé Pour up, drink responsibly, and don’t forget to tag us @arcticfoxhaircolor in your new looks! 🥂

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