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Our Favorite Green Hair Dye Mixes on Bleached and Unbleached Hair

@aambriaa in Phantom Green Going green without bleaching Welcome back, Fox Fam! We went dark last week, and the results we’re seeing are dangerously head-turning. One color, in particular, seems to be popping up as a common theme in your potions and mixes. Abundance, renewal, harmony, stability. Yes, that’s right, it is easy being green! The ultimate down-to-earth color can represent all of those wonderful things. Aside from being hella powerful, it’s damn easy on the eyes. If a change is in the cards for you but you’re going to give the lightening step a skip this time, then you have come to the right corner. FACT: Aside from being a great transitional hue and an absolute gem of a color, green can bring lush living color to even unbleached hair. It’s true! Due to our expertise with the color wheel and the fact that you fashion-forward Foxes are excellent sharers, we’re seeing A LOT of creativity on our radar right now. So we’re taking this week as an opportunity to share some of the amazing green-based mixes that have been tried, tested, and adored. This week we give some great color inspo for our emerald-inclined babes, PLUS the exact ratios you need to get the mix just right. If you’re already green… …but if you want to darken the shade for fall, we went over two ways to darken your color last week. You can go back and read it here if you happened to skip last week’s blog, or here’s a recap: One way to double down on green is to level up on intensity. Do this by blending in a darker level of green with your current color mix. For example, if you’re already rocking Neverland, punch it up with some Phantom Green to move from a brighter to a darker shade. The other way we covered was more subtle and involves a look at our famously helpful color wheel blog post. This involves finding your current color on the wheel and then drawing a line to the opposite side of the wheel! If you’re Iris Green, a couple of drops of Wrath will help you darken just the green hues. Go green with these custom blends One thing that we love about our AF hair dyes is that they are so inventive! They bring out the magic-potion-blending witches and warlocks in all of us. Here are a couple of must-try green mixes that have been discovered by more than a few alchemists, and look really great on unbleached hair. Olive — not just for martinis anymore🍸! Get the ultimate down-to-earth green by using Phantom Green, Cosmic Sunshine, Sunset Orange, and Transylvania. Watch our reel for the mix ratios, and enjoy responsibly ;) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arctic Fox Hair Color (@arcticfoxhaircolor) Aquamarine & Space Cowgirl get together for a green-shifted teal mix. To make this color yours, start with a heavy base of Space Cowgirl and slowly add in drops of Aquamarine until you reach your desired shade. #AFprotip Aquamarine is a VERY pigmented shade. So go slow on the mixing, or Space Cowgirl may get overpowered. This swatch shows the strong result of this blend on bleached hair, so keep in mind that depending on your base shade, you’ll get a slightly different outcome. Phantom Green and Aquamarine are a green team dream. 2:1 Phantom Green to Aquamarine is the magic formula, but remember that Aquamarine packs a punch, so start with your Phantom Green and add in the Aquamarine bit by bit so you don’t overdo it. This sample square is done on bleached hair, so depending on your base color, you’ll get a different (but still fabulous) outcome. Diamonds, move over: emeralds are a girl’s best friend this fall. For the ultimate jewel tone, this mix is simply equal parts Phantom Green and Aquamarine, with a drop or two of Transylvania mixed in. If you want to be inspired, watch Stella Cini color-shifting into an emerald. This swatch shows a dark outcome, even on bleached hair, so your hair color will be a little different, depending on your base level. Green’s great and the options are endless Now that we’ve shown you how to get shades of green that work better for you, make sure you’re using the mixing and application tools and techniques that will get you the best results (patch & strand test always!) Our Lime AF tint bowl and brushes make going green easy to do. Don’t forget that blends and mixes are a fun way to get new shades, but they don’t need to be a whole-head change-up! Color combos that slay with green are always a fun way to express your inner color-fiend, or you can simply add in some DIY lowlights to your cut and flirt with some new styles to show them off. @charliewakeman in Aquamarine and Phantom Green @davedanthonyhair in Iris Green and Neverland @emsmith_x in Neon Moon and Space Cowgirl @lydialuxebeauty in Phantom Green, Cosmic Sunshine, and Iris Green Here are some of you showing off the glam that green gave ya, so don’t be shy to try it on for yourselves! @ghostinicoli in Aquamarine, Iris Green, and Cosmic Sunshine @theelitedarklord in Space Cowgirl @nadine_fnd in Phantom Green, Aquamarine, and Neon Moon @rachel.b_cosmetology in Space Cowgirl We hope we’ve given you the nudge you needed to go green this fall, and we want to see how it turns out! Share your hair change journey with the Fox Fam by tagging @arcticfoxhaircolor and share!

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