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Our Favorite Summer Mixes

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, here it is… SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! 🥳☀️ Question is, have you decided on how you’re going to color your summer yet? Maybe you’re stuck between a couple of really great shades and just can’t decide? Well I’ve come prepared with some summer mixes, just for you 😉 When I think of summer, I think HOT 🔥 So let’s crank up the heat with these orange and red focused mixes first. Sunset Orange is a wonderful base for this, so let’s get to mixing in some other shades. Sunset Orange + Poison + Cosmic Sunshine 🥵 @theeglamnaija Sunset Orange + Wrath 🧯 @a.dragon.soul Sunset Orange + Violet Dream 🌶️ @evelina.forsell Unreal, right?! Why don’t we cool things down a bit with a few blue mixes 💧 Let's dive right in (pun intended 😏). Poseidon + Aquamarine 🌊 @jessicamoralemusic Aquamarine + Periwinkle + Transylvania 💙 @billiedawningle Aquamarine + Phantom Green 🐚 @arisa_hair Arctic Mist Diluter + Aquamarine @salinesimon When you think back to how you colored your summer, what shade is going to forever bring you that summer nostalgia feeling when you see it? Is it blue? Is it pink? Maybe it’s green! ✨ The beauty of ‘color your summer’ could mean a lot of things but color expression is definitely one of them 🎨 You may be wondering “well, when I think of summer, I think of a beautiful sunset to end the perfect day with my favorite people”. To be completely honest, I couldn’t agree more. So let’s settle things down with a couple of sunset inspired mixes! 🌅 Electric Paradise + Poison 🌺 @tamaracamps Cosmic Sunshine + Frosé ☀️ @itslauren.jpg Periwinkle + Purple AF @_gumshoe_ After a long day of laughter, heat and good vibes; It’s time to reminisce on the core memories you’ve built and get ready to make more during those long summer nights 🌌 Nothing says “summer nights” more than this last mix. Using equal parts Periwinkle + Sterling with just a few drops of Blue Jean Baby and BOOM… You’ve created a masterpiece. 👩‍🎨🎨✨🤌 So how will YOU color your summer? 🌈 Let us know in the comments! And as always, if you have questions on how best to use any of our products, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Stay foxy! 🦊

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