Halloween Costume Inspiration: Hair Edition

@bigfatjenna in Electric Paradise It’s our favorite time of year as the nights get darker and the spirits begin to stir for Halloween. Yeahhh, it’s time for the Fox Fam to get a little spooky! 👻 🧛💀 We’re jumping in with Halloween costume inspo for our Foxes! Bonfire colors, bat-inspired looks, gothic shades. We’ve got everything you need to bring your hair out to party and get your scare on. All aboard our hair inspiration Ghost Train for a tour of our fave seasonal shades. As always, use this inspo as a springboard for your own insane costume creations! We know you’ll deliver (you always do). Light it up with Porange Bright orange is THE color of the season - no respected Halloween costume inspo list can be complete without at least one vibrant orange color in the mix, are we right!? We’ve had fun playing with some boss shades inspired by bonfires and carved pumpkins. Trust us, orange hair will turn heads on Halloween. If you want a look with equal parts delight and fright, our pro tip is to go for Porange. That’s right, Fox Fam, she’s back on the shelves for a limited time, so stock up while you can! She’s a powerful potion with a knockout punch AND she lights up in a neon glow when you wander under UV light, adding more fun to the mix. If you want to go further, faster, and louder, Porange and Electric Paradise, another UV light color, combine for a truly ELECTRIC mix that adds extra magic to your Halloween spell. @lizzvargashair in Electric Paradise and Porange Now, for the IT costume of the season…enter Sunset Orange! Apply her on medium blonde hair and oops! Now you’re floating too! @evebombshell in Sunset Orange Join the underwater world and take the mermaid trend to the streets with Ginger Flare. She’s part of your world now, babe. @evelina.forsell in Ginger Flare A Classic Halloween in Transylvania or Sterling Ready for your goth era? Channel Wednesday, or project full-on Dracula with our black and silver shades. Dark hues capture the spirit of black cats, witches beside bubbling cauldrons, and all things spooky. Can you feel that dark Halloween energy simmering? @morganmckain in Transylvania If you want to take it up a notch, Transylvania mixed with a bit of Poison…and snap snap! You’re a homicidal maniac too! If you’re not up for going quite that dark this Halloween, try a silvery look from Sterling. You can use Sterling all on its own to set a frightful Halloween tone, or combine Transylvania and Sterling for a dramatic, gothic appearance. This hair color combo shines with dark clothing, blacks, grays, and silvers making it a great overall choice for your darkest look yet. @chris0712 in Transylvania and Sterling Perfectly Purple AF Feeling feisty? Step into the “best sellers” section on the color wheel this Halloween with a deep, vibrant purple hue. This palette spikes heart rates and elevates feline, witch, troll, or clown outfits from ‘awww cute’ to ‘ohhh snap’. If you want to go all cosplay for Halloween, we’ve seen everyone's favorite purple used to perfectly emulate one of Marvel’s most badass characters; Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. And of course, we can’t forget the mixes! Purple AF is one of our most versatile shades - and for good reason! Get a deep cobalt blue with a half and half ratio of Purple AF and Poseidon, and if you want to go even more pigmented, throw in some Aquamarine! Get a deep burgundy by mixing in Purple AF with some Wrath or Poison. Yeahhh… Purple AF is THAT girl for spooky season. @143joannagc in Purple AF Mean in Green Green hair is soooo right for this time of year. And it’s a certified Halloween costume superpower. Think green slime, Frankenstein, Joker from Batman, and viridescent potions. Or vibe with green tresses like one of our fave characters from the underworld - Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice (Yeah, we said it 3 times). From neon greens, emeralds, to dark forest greens - there’s lots of room for Halloween costume playfulness here. So if you wanna channel Jared Leto’s Joker for instance, an electric green is the way to go. Space Cowgirl hits the spot with electric and neon vibes. Or maybe you feel like expressing your inner Beetlejuice. Beej’s hair changes along with his emotions, from a seagreen, to a darker, moodier green. Phantom Green can deliver a delightful deep forest shade that can add a little menace to your Beetlejuice look on October 31st. Or if you prefer to go a little softer and hit Beetlejuice in his sea green hair era, here’s some mixing inspo. Swish Phantom Green with a little Aquamarine to create an emerald or sea green hue. Split Dye and Mixes Multi-color mixes and split color looks can crackle under the Halloween moonlight. We love this orange and black split color as two of the seasons most on trend shades. It’s an epic contrast, and this look gives off boundless dark October energy. @yadeemua in Ginger Flare And if you’re looking to try out a different color placement, spooky season is the perfect time to test it out! @die4whitney in Transylvania and Virgin Pink Let out your inner ghoul or play nice when you trick or treat this year, but as always don’t be scared to share your stunning colors with the rest of the Fox Fam by tagging us @arcticfoxhaircolor.

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