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Color Spotlight: Virgin Pink Hair Dye

She’s an icon, she is the moment and she IS a legend. Virgin Pink hair dye is one of our most iconic (and most popular) dyes and we absolutely understand why. It's not just her name that gets her ALL the attention. This true, hot pink hue stands out among the rest of the AF hair color rainbow and is packed as f*ck with rich pigment to ensure that you get great color payoff no matter your hair level. Plus, you already know that with any Arctic Fox hair dye, you’re not only getting the promise of a high-performing dye that packs a punch, but you’re also getting a vegan, cruelty-free, DIY friendly and ultra-conditioning formula to ensure your hair is left shiny and nourished post dye sesh. Level Up: So… what level do I have to be to use Virgin Pink? No matter if you're in your platinum era or rocking your natural brunette, Virgin Pink comes READY to give you everything from a bold pink to a deep magenta depending on your base. If you’re already at a level between 8-10 you can expect a true hot pink color payoff, while hair levels 4-7 can expect varying shades of magenta. Remember that the darker your hair is, the darker Virgin Pink will appear on your strands, or in some cases, Virgin Pink may even appear as a fuschia tint in the sunlight (absolutely gorg if you ask us). Tone It Down: Virgin Pink is a bit too bright for me. Is there a way I can customize its color payoff? We’ve got just the trick for that! Enter Arctic Mist Diluter, your go-to diluter for customizing the intensity of our dyes. We created our dyes to be as pigmented as possible, so when it came to our diluter we formulated it specifically to pair with our dyes and leave you with the best and most consistent color results (because no one has time for that patchy BS). In a bowl, start off with a generous amount of Arctic Mist Diluter and start adding in small amounts of Virgin Pink hair dye, mixing intermittently until you have your desired shade. Keep in mind that the more you dilute your shade, the lighter your starting base will need to be to ensure that the color shows through on your hair. It’s basically the same advice we give when you’re looking to go pastel. Getting Faded: But how does Virgin Pink hair dye fade? Short answer? Like a dream. But we’ll give you the rundown. Over time, Virgin Pink hair color fades into a lighter version of itself turning into the prettiest pastel pink hair color before fading away all together on lighter starting bases. We literally have Foxes dying their hair Virgin Pink just to get back to their faded shade, and you can see why. We never fear the fade, Fam. @rhys.pang in faded Virgin Pink @_negatronn in faded Virgin Pink Virgin Mixology: What can I mix Virgin Pink hair dye with? TBH the better question is, what can’t you mix her with? Due to Virgin Pink’s deep and vibrant hues, she mixes well with almost all of our hair color shades. Mix Virgin Pink hair dye with our blue hair dyes to get purple, mix her with our purple hair dyes to find deep magenta and violet tones, mix her with our yellow hair dyes to nail an orange or peach tone, or lean into the core color and mix Virgin Pink with other red and pink hair dyes to get a customized rosy tone. Be wary of mixing Virgin Pink with any green hair dyes. Color theory 101: pinks and greens oppose each other on the color wheel, so if you’re not careful mixing Virgin pink with some greens could become a grey color or give a muddy result when mixed together. BUT, if you mix Virgin Pink with a lighter and more yellow based green like Neverland or Space Cowgirl, it can yield some seriously gorgeous results (see proof below). Just be sure to mix a small sample batch and conduct a strand test when mixing to ensure you're getting the results you want! Here are a few of our favorite Virgin Pink concoctions. Rosy Copper This is a mix best suited if your hair is a level 7-10. To recreate this stunner, start with a base of Space Cowgirl and slowly add in dollops of Virgin Pink until you achieve this jaw dropping rosy copper shade. #AFprotip: Add in some Arctic Mist diluter to pastelize this shade to get more of a peach shift. You’re Turning Violet, Violet For this bold and smokey violet hue, start with a base of Arctic Mist Diluter. Then, add in a dollop of Virgin Pink and mix in just a few drops of Transylvania to help darken and tone down Virgin Pink’s fuschia undertones. This custom mix is best suited for levels 7-10, but for darker bases you can achieve a deeper violet by using less diluter. Peaches n’ Cream We’re about to take a bleach bath for this one. This shade is an absolute showstopper and is totally on trend this year. If you’re looking to best match your hair to Pantone’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz, this is just the mix for you. Start with a base of Arctic Mist diluter, then add in a few drops of Neon Moon followed by just a drop of Virgin Pink to recreate this perfect peach look. Covering Up With Virgin Pink: Will she cover up my current color? Short answer, yes. But you'll have to answer “YES!” to the following questions first: Is your hair halfway to completely faded? Have you consulted the color wheel to ensure your results will be a color you’re happy with? If you answered yes, you’re ready to move ahead with the transition! Again, we always recommend a strand test before going for a full color cover up, but because Virgin Pink hair dye is highly pigmented, it should cover most highly faded colors with ease. If you’re feeling a little nervous about making the leap, email our color specialists a picture of your starting hair color for custom color advice. [email protected] Virgin Pink is a Fox Fam favorite for a reason. It's bold, it's bright and it feels (and smells) amazing. Whether you're looking to stay true to its vivid pink hue or create your own custom color recipe, Virgin Pink hair dye is an incredibly versatile shade to play around with. When you decide to say EFF IT and finally take the plunge on this bright pink, don’t forget to tag us in your selfies and videos on Instagram and TikTok so we can hype you UP, because you deserve it. @ashhessss in Virgin Pink, Wrath and Violet Dream @lslieclrkmkp in Virgin Pink and Violet Dream @taylamiddletonn in Virgin Pink @jastanae in Virgin Pink @charlottethristan in Virgin Pink @vvitchuntt in Virgin Pink

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