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Arctic Fox Rescue Update: A New Arrival For The Judith A Bassett CECC

Update! Update! Update! Our Fox Fam is out there, making a real difference! You know that our products are all vegan and cruelty-free, but did you know that we donate 15% of our profits to rescues and shelters that help our furry and feathered friends? One of our rescue partners has some exciting news that we are thrilled to share. If you’ve been following our story for a while, you’ll remember that in March we added a new rescue to our roster: the Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center (JABCECC). We talked all about them and their awe-inspiring work here. Basically, they home and care for canids that have been rescued from fur farms, research institutions or the exotic animal pet trade. They also do the important work of educating the public about these amazing creatures. These rockstars have just sent us a photo of their newest pack member: She’s a geriatric arctic fox female badly in need of some TLC. Luckily for her, JABCECC managed to get her to them—a trip that took 38 hours! Now that she’s safely tucked up in their quarantine area they can start giving her the vet care that she’s never had. She’s lived her entire life on a fur farm, where it’s likely that this sweet creature was used as a breeder every season. Obviously, now she’s older and can’t have any more pups, which means she was in danger of being euthanized. Her new home is full of love… but after a lifetime of being mistreated it will take her a long time to adjust❤️‍🩹. She’s finally made it to a good place, and we hope she can relax and feel safe soon. And JABCECC really is a Good Place. It houses different canids that have been saved and/or rescued and respects all animals and their right to live. When we first discovered this rescue, we wanted to help them right away. In fact, the money that we donated to them in the spring has already gone towards expanding perimeter fencing! Their plan is to have an area just for our spirit animals, where this lovely grandma and the center’s other arctic fox, Freddy Snowballs, will be able to live their best lives. Because fences for these nimble jumpers need to be 8 feet tall and made of heavy-duty chain link, they are taking their time to make sure it’s done properly. It’s slow going and costs money, but they’re working towards that goal with the help of donations and their partners (like us!). It’s so important that we support the paws on the ground making real differences in the lives of animals. And that’s why we love when they share their latest wins. We have our fingers crossed that we get a lot of great updates about their new arrival and even more great news from their longer-term residents. As a part of our Fox Fam, we know you’re as happy as we are knowing that every time you add to your Arctic Fox collection, you’re contributing to these great organizations. Keep up the good work, JABCECC team, we are proud to help support your wonderful work.

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