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Introducing Our Latest Rescue Partner

If you’ve been here for a while, you know how much we love animals. You also know how much we value input from the Fox Fam, whether it’s asking what our newest color should be, your favorite mixes, or any rescues that are near and dear to your hearts - we let you make the decisions here. Well, we’re ecstatic to share the latest rescue we’ve added to our roster: Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center. JABCECC is a licensed non-profit (501c3) located in San Diego and Southern Utah. The center specializes in canids and provides forever homes to rescued canids from fur farms, research institutions, exotic pet trade, and any wild canids that can no longer be released back into the wild. Just last month, the AF team took a road trip to visit the center and learn more about the animals being saved and exactly what the JABCECC team does. Not only do they provide forever homes for these animals and allow them to live their best lives, but the center also offers interactive educational programs to the public and speciality groups aimed at helping to heal humans through the canid-human bond. These programs also increase the commitment to advocacy for the captive and wild counterparts of the animals in their care through a better appreciation and understanding of these animals. JABCECC believes that every animal has a right to live, both as a species and individual We had the opportunity to meet all of the animals on site, but were of course drawn to Freddy Snowballs, the resident Arctic Fox. Freddy was purchased illegally when he was just 4 weeks old, by a family through the exotic pet trade. The owner quickly realized this beautiful arctic fox is in fact, not the same as a domesticated dog. Once the team at JABCECC received the call, they knew they had no choice but to take over and give Freddy a forever home at their rescue. Freddy joined JABCECC at 5 months old, and he was lucky because in many cases people will just let these animals back into the wild or euthanize them. Freddy now spends his days living an amazing life of purpose and helping to educate the public on arctic foxes and the reality of the exotic pet trade. Freddy has been with the center for about 1 year and has become a favorite to the volunteers and guests. Unfortunately, due to the exotic pet trade, he actually stays white year round. In the wild arctic foxes will turn a lovely brownish color in the summer for camouflage. Due to the harsh climate arctic foxes typically live in, they adapt behaviorally and physically. Freddy has small ears that allow him to keep his heat in, a thick coat and a large bushy tail to wrap around his body, as temperatures in the Arctic can get to -50!! They are omnivores like red foxes, and can eat small mammals, insects, and berries. These foxes are truly adapted for survival in the harshest of climates. Of course, Freddy Snowballs gets to live in the mountains of Southern CA where the temperatures don’t get that cold, but we do get some snow. When it snows, Freddy can be seen playing in the snow and vocalizing his delight. While Freddy may have been the perfect candidate for a fresh dye, we also had the chance to meet several other animals including a REAL life wolf, a pair of coyotes, Russian domesticated foxes and New Guinea Singing Dogs and Dingoes. We’re so thankful to have found the team at Judith A Bassett. And thanks to YOU Fox Fam, we were able to kick off this partnership with a donation of $50,000 to help in their mission partnering with canine shelters, rescues and animal assisted therapy organizations. Amy at the Foundation let us know the donation will be helping them expand their perimeter fence which is already under development - this will allow the current canids to explore well beyond their current enclosures. Additionally, the team will be adding more enclosures so they can rescue more canids this year. We can’t wait to go back to see it!

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