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Arctic Fox: Our Latest Work with Animal Rescues

Fam. We spent all of 2023 looking back on how far we’ve come since the launch of Arctic Fox and the deep connections we’ve made with each other. The best part? We’ve had the chance to highlight all the work we’ve done with our rescues in the last 10 years and show you the impact YOU have helped make in the lives of our furry friends. Arctic Fox's Ongoing Commitment to Fighting Animal Cruelty We’re super proud that we are able to use our platform to give back, obviously you know by now that 15% of our net profits go directly to preventing animal cruelty and promoting animal welfare. It feels awesome AF for us to be able to contribute to spreading awareness on animal welfare and know that we are partnered with organizations who’ve made it their mission to rescue animals all over the world. YOU, our Fox Fam, and your love of our amazing products are the main reasons we are able to do this work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We’ve partnered with various organizations over the years, including Viva Rescue, Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center (JABCECC), Second Chance Rescue, Farm Sanctuary, Pup Culture Rescue, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and so many others. The projects we donate to are able to make a real difference in the lives of animals. In April 2022 we were able to assist IFAW in their efforts to help those fleeing the war in Ukraine with their pets. Over the years we have made several donations to Viva Rescue. Our impact helped Viva secure a new horse trailer to properly transport horses in need to their facility, build a beautiful chicken paradise and so much more. But…. rather than talk about us, we’d like to give a big shout out to the work of our animal rescue partners here and tell you a little bit more about the great work each organization is doing. We hope you continue to be inspired to live colorfully with us so we can keep up all this amazing work! JABCECC The Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center is home to rescued canids - members of the dog family: wolves, jackals, foxes (including Arctic Foxes!), coyotes, and domestic dogs. Most of these canids are rescued from fur farms, medical research, or the exotic animal pet trade. Aside from rescuing and housing animals, JABCECC travels all over the country with Lucan, their DorkWorld Ambassador (yes, he’s a real life wolf), educating the public about these amazing creatures to help protect them and create a brighter future. Our partnership has led to the building of an Arctic Fox Villa for Freddy Snowballs. The new enclosure is currently starting construction and the space will be dedicated to the arctic foxes the center has rescued. The new villa will be complete with an underground igloo for the foxes to stay cool in the summer! The enclosure will provide the foxes with a safe home environment to thrive with everything they need. We are SO excited to go back and visit! If you’d like to read a little more about JABCECC and our work with them you can check out our previous projects. Viva Rescue Located in Menifee, California, Viva is run by Kalli and Maya who rescue and rehab animals on a daily basis. The Viva mission is to provide unwavering care to farm animals and equines that have suffered from abuse, neglect and extreme medical conditions or birth defects. There’s too many heartwarming stories from this rescue, we couldn’t stop thinking about Thomas the Lamb after our visit! But first up, let’s meet Olivia. Olivia the goat was dying of septic arthritis and needed urgent medical care to survive. At Viva’s Sanctuary she received urgent lifesaving medical support including a blood transfusion. With support, physical therapy and the assistance of her wheelchair, she was able to thrive and learn to walk after healing! Olivia’s favorite activities include playing on the goat seesaw and eating (sounds good to us!) Olivia also loves hanging with the amazing Viva volunteers! Because of our consistent donations, Viva Rescue were able to say yes to saving Olivia when they got the call. We LOVE this happy outcome for Olivia. We fell in LOVE with a little but incredible lamb named Thomas during our recent trip to see the team at Viva Rescue. Thomas needed specialized treatment to overcome some severe health challenges. He arrived at Viva at just one day old, after being born on a farm with his legs deformed, the farm vet recommended euthanizing him. He was unable to walk and even the vets at Viva were not sure he would make it, but the sanctuary gave him all the medical care he needed and helped him learn to walk again giving him a second chance at a healthy and fulfilling life. Our donations and your support made all this possible. Way to go Fox Fam! We previously donated $50,000 to Viva Global Rescue to assist with their mission of providing professional rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary to horses and animals in need.⁠ This donation sponsored the care of four horses in their sanctuary for one year as well as bringing in two additional horses. This includes high quality food, supplements, bedding, medical care and any other financial needs. We also partnered with Viva to build a chicken paradise. This included chicken coops, a chicken quarantine area, a large fully enclosed predator proof run, and an enrichment area. Second Chance Animal Rescue Second Chance is a unique kind of animal rescue organization that provides programs to help make lives better for pets, and helps them find their forever home. The rescue improves the lives of over 44,000 pets every year, and offers facilities such as subsidized animal hospitals for low or no cost treatment for sick and injured animals as part of the Community Healthy Pet Initiative. Second Chance also provides shelter for animals alongside a program to help prevent overpopulation through spaying and neutering services, and education. Our donations made it possible for animals like Charlie and Prancer to lead amazing healthy lives. Charlie came to Second Chance with a broken leg but is now on his way to a full recovery. With his new found ability to use his leg more normally now, we will be able to live his best puppy life in no time. It's been almost a year since Prancer came to Second Chance in pain. He had fallen through a grate onto a cement pad one story below, fracturing his femur. With the help of their vets, he made a full recovery and was adopted by a loving family who shared an update on him when he turned one last month: "Our little Ozzy once Prancer at SCAS just turned one! He has made such a great addition to our family! Dr Cormier fixed his leg and he now enjoys running around keeping up with his kitty brother and canine sisters!!" We remain extremely grateful for the work of the rescue organizations and their volunteers as well as our readers. You truly are our biggest supporters! Choosing non toxic, cruelty-free hair color from a brand with a commitment to donating to animal rescues can and does have a HUGELY positive impact on the lives of animals. And next time you’re looking for a hot new hair color and want to do even more good in the world, visit the Arctic Fox website and keep dyeing for a cause.

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