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    Looks great.

    Beautifully packaged. My package arrived looking like it was drop kicked, ran over and then taped back together. However, all of the items in the package were intact and great. Beautiful hair color. Very happy to have a nice deep red.


    I covered pink hair ( has faded prior red from brad mondo & black from AF), And I had the underneath a faded out purple (that was red n blue etc combined from a few dyes) And i did not bleach or anything or adjust the shade i just applied it right to my hair! Turned out amazing! I wasnt sure my game plan but idid my bangs black which faded purple !! And i love it but im doing more purple in it too, i love arctic fox!! first time trying & i will continue to keep buying, im obsessed!!!! I cant tell ya how well it holds up tho cause i barely wash my hair and i dont wash it in cold water like ever cause idrc if it fades ill just dye it again, but so far ive watched it to wash it out,& then did another shampoo in hotter water and its just as vibrant as the first day or so and i did it like two weeks ago?, it def bleeds but thats expected , its perfect, buy itttt!!!! if ur debating do it
    Bs i have growing in hair under neath so it looks funny i knowūüė≠ūüĖ§

    On fire!!

    Angela Lambertz
    Blends well w/Blue Jean fir a deeper purple

    Blends well w/Blue Jean to create a deeper purple than Purple AF.

    No problems with warm hair!

    I have dark hair that was previously lightened and toned to be caramel-colored. It took what looks like a level 9 or 10 of vibrancy, even though as you can see the original lightness was more like a 7. Beautiful berry-colored red. It's been about 3 weeks since I applied it, and as shown, it has slowly faded to a more plain red and then a reddish brown. I take long, hot showers so I was not surprised that it's been fading. I would recommend!

    Dorian Ward

    I LOVE this shade of red it's very empowerring and vibrant. It makes me feel like I'm able to set up on the world and make a change with all eyes on my genuine self.‚Ě£ÔłŹ

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