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    Customer Reviews

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    Ashley McDowall
    Amazing colour!

    I’ve been using different brands of purple for years and was really sick of the pink tones. I always wanted a true Cadbury’s purple and Purple AF sure is it. It is stunning and will be the brand I stick with now. I’m so in love with it!

    Loved it

    I loved this color when I had it. Didn't have to bleach first, just put it on my light brown hair and it was very pigmented and lasted months before needing redone.

    Kimberly Clark
    Beautiful Purple

    Love, love, LOVE this color! I have been wanting to color my hair for so long and I remembered seeing this brand. Best
    hair coloring brand in my opinion. Also the color takes so well. I will definitely be purchasing again!

    GORGEOUS color on you!!

    Amy Lyon
    Awesome product

    Loved the color great product

    Purple AF - My First Foray Into Untraditional Color

    So for various reasons I needed a big change, so I cut off my hair to shorter than the last 40 years, then went to purple. WOW. The next month I changed it to a bluer purple. I'm nearly 60.

    Love, love, love

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