Get your ugly Christmas sweater on


Holiday season is officially in full-swing, meaning the festivities are certainly in the air (and in the hair)! Whether you are shining in Poison like a vibrant Christmas light or under the mistletoe in Phantom Green, there are so many ways to immerse yourself in holiday cheer this year! Pairing your hair with a fun Christmas sweater is bound to turn heads and spread the holiday love! 



Cyber Monday!

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@alusofficial in Virgin Pink, Sunset Orange and Arctic Mist Diluter 


@thewickedlady in Aquamarine, Iris Green and Neon Moon 


@beautsoup in Girls Night and Sterling


@jenniferbroders in Sunset Orange, Aquamarine, Iris Green and Cosmic...

Let's get RETRO with Heather Whitsett | #FoxFamily


We chatted with the illustrious Heather Whitsett @howtobefancy and learned all about how she got her magnificent vintage vibe. Read on!


You have a wonderful, distinct vintage/retro fashion sense that you seem to love sharing with the world through your vlogs, blog, and Instagram account. But who did you get this on point fashion sense from?

        I've always been a collector of vintage fashion. I dug through thrift stores and my grandma's closet as a little girl, spending hours planning outfits for pretend parties. My influences come...

Jordan Alexander of Olaplex | #AFPro

Jordan Alexander @jordanstylist, Director of Special Projects for Olaplex, gives us the low down on what he does, what his future holds and how much of a 🤓 he really is. Read on!


What does a typical day look like for you?

As Director of Special Projects for Olaplex, I’m primarily involved in both domestic and international education. These days, I’m on the road a majority of the time.

At home, I handle the business end of Olaplex helping with furthering education, social media and outreach. I...