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    AF Blog

    Color Spotlight | Purple AF

    Triangle with Arctic Fox Hair Color logo in the middle with purple lines of light coming out of it to make a pyramid effect. The words Purple Rain Color Spotlight are written below the center triangle
    We’re ending the year strong with a brand-new color spotlight for you, Fox Fam, and who better to close out 2019 than the queen herself, Purple Rain? Not only is she one of our most versatile shades, Purple Rain is our most popular color by far. If you don’t already know why this perfect purple reigns supreme, read on to find out!

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    Rose Gold for every base color!

    Rose Gold for every base color!
    Fox Fam, have you ever wondered how to get the perfect rose gold? This is one of the trendiest shades, but it’s hard to know what shades to mix based on your hair color - a platinum blonde will need a very different mix than a light brown! Here we’ve featured 5 different mixes for a variety of base colors to help you achieve the rose gold for YOUR hair level. Read on!

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    Arctic Fox Hair Color Spotlight | Sterling

    Hey, Fox Fam! We’re back with another color spotlight for you. This time, we will be giving you all of our best tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining silver hair using Sterling! Silvers and grays are notoriously tricky, but with some extra care this highly-coveted range of colors is definitely achievable.

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