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    AF Blog

    Q&A with @amythemermaidx | #FoxFamily

    A TRUE mermaid riding a unicorn... only in our dreams... until now! 

    Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Amy?
    I’m just a colourful, animal loving 21-year-old girl who lives in the North of England. 😛💁
    Describe what your perfect day looks like.
    Spending alllll day with my horses and going on really long ride. 😋

    How long have you been raising horses? Tell us about Lila + Teddy!
    Since August last year when I got Lila! It’s been a dream all my life to own a horse and then I got Teddy by December as Lila’s bf. 😛

    When did you start rockin' rainbow/unicorn hair? What inspired you?
    July 2014 😛  I remember thinking of it after having yellow and pink hair. I first did strands of every colour and that was hard up keep. Then I did my ombre.  I searched the internet trying to find what I had imagined and I couldn’t find any thing. I didn’t have a clue how it would turn out and now here I am 3 years later. 😝🌈

    How often do you color your hair? How long does it take?
    I dye my roots every 2-3 weeks (about an hour) and I top my colours up about twice a week which takes 10 minutes.

    Tell us your #1 hair tip!
    Don’t wash your hair everyday, let it get greasy when you know you’re not going anywhere. Also trim every 4-6 weeks and try stay away from heat as much as possible.

    What's your favorite cruelty-free beauty product?
    Arctic Fox lol but makeup wise, Ii love the brand Too Faced but it’s so hard to get in UK. 'Better than sex' mascara is the BEST mascara.

    What's one cause or movement that's close to your heart?
    Animal Cruelty, definitely. I absolutely love @projectponies... it’s two twins, Ellie and Brooke and what they do is really amazing. They rescue horses from the slaughter and re-home/ re-train them. It’s amazing to see their journeys.

    If you had one piece of advice to your younger self, what would you say?
    Don’t follow the crowd and dare to be different!

    You can find Amy on Instagram: @amythemermaidx

    Q&A with @ladyscorpio101 | #FoxFamily

    Alexa is one mystical meditative mermaid who's going places. Here's our q&a with this vibrant influencer! 

    Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Lady Scorpio?
    Hi! I’m Alexa, a free spirit who seeks out all things magic!  I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural and felt guided by the cosmos. I love astrology, documentaries, animals, fashion, the ocean and traveling!

    Online, I’m known as Lady Scorpio, where I’m an influencer and creator of my mystical brand, where I design treasures that align us with mind, body, and soul.

    Describe what a typical day looks like for you!
    Right when I wake up, I immerse myself into my morning rituals!

    First I start with a morning meditation, followed by a gym sesh with my hubby!  After breaking a sweat, I enjoy a protein shake and making (my favorite) acai bowl!  By then, my dog Sparky is stalking my every move expecting his walk to the park! By noon, I usually zen out at the pool with a book for an hour with a floatie :)

    After my morning rituals, my day is devoted to creating content, writing, and focusing on my brand and shop!

    How long have you been rockin' Aquamarine? What originally inspired you to choose blue hair?
    Blue has always been my favorite color, so Aquamarine made all my mermaid dreams come true!

    I first dyed my hair Aquamarine 4 months ago!  Before breaking my blue-hair virginity, I was a brunette, blonde (my natural), and lavender!

    We know that self-care, love and spirituality is extremely important to you! What inspired you to be an advocate for this?

    I believe self-care, love and spirituality are all incredibly important in our personal evolution.  

    We all strive to master this human experience we call “life”, so I’m on a mission to create a platform for conscious minds to empower and evolve together.

    How often do you meditate and practice yoga?

    Practicing the art of yoga is a fairly new ritual for me, but I try to engage in it 2-3x a week!

    Meditation is a MUST for me everyday, whether it’s for 30 seconds or 30 minutes!

    Name your all-time favorite book! Give us a brief synopsis!

    Currently I have two favorites!

    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, where a boy sets out to seek his soul’s purpose.  The story is incredibly relatable and motivates you to pursue your dreams!

    The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, where the reader experiences a liberating journey to self awareness. This book changed my life and helped me immensely with my daily meditations!

    What inspired you to start the Lady Scorpio shop/brand?
    I am a hard core believer that our passions are our soul’s calling, and that our choices are our only limitations; So two years ago, I made the decision to create a living doing what I LOVE to do,  while having the potential to make a difference in the world.

    Tell us about your latest travel adventure!
    My most recent travel adventure was Lightning in a Bottle Festival!  It was my first time and I freaking loved it!  Attending classes and learning esoteric teachings by day and dancing all night, I was in a 4 day trance! I can’t wait to go back next year!

    What is your next travel destination?
    My next big adventure is Thailand and Bali! The beaches and temples look unreal, and they’ve been on my bucket list for years!

    What goals do you wish to accomplish by the end of 2017?
    I am shooting for the stars this year, but a few things I hope to accomplish before 2018;

    • Dying my hair at least 2 more fun colors
    • Producing regular video content for my YouTube channel
    • Advance past “beginner mode” on Photoshop
    • Launch a few of my “secret projects”  I've been working on before the end of the year :)


    Find Alexa on Instagram: @LadyScorpio101

    Q&A with @themermaidchapters | #FoxFamily

    You can find this succulent plant mama dreamin' about a million stars and creating cool 3D art. What else does Avalon have in store? Read on!

    Tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Avalon?

    A 20-year-old nerd who loves toooooo many things to count. I love understanding documentaries, world mysteries, animation, travel, fashion, art (the list pretty much goes on), all the way down to things such as needing to know how people live in underground cities. There’s just too much in this world to limit myself on all the things to learn about! 🌏

    What are your day-to-day hobbies?

    Ohhh boy, I’m your typical couch potato. You’ll find me either watching anime, BTS, playing games or sleeping 90% of the time. Majority of the time that I am going outside is to buy LOTS and LOTS of snacks, only to go home and watch more anime 📺🍰

    What inspired you to get into game development?

    To be honest, I never even knew game development was a choice, there was a lot of pressure to just go straight onto an art degree so I was pretty lost on what to study. Game development is never something that’s mentioned or encouraged in my world, I just happened to find it on my own. But I feel that my insane fascination/appreciation of the art and mechanics of games pushed me to pursue something I didn’t already have the knowledge and skills to do, so I just couldn’t resist the temptation to learn new things. As well as that, the idea to cross-out stereotypes and proving to people that I have the skills also motivates me a ton. But to put it simply, I just really really REALLY love playing games.

    Your IG page feed is so minimal and simplistic! We love it! How long does it take to curate your own content?

    Much longer than one may think! The perfectionist in me definitely comes out when it comes to editing and organizing my content, sometimes takes a whole day for one post! 3D models and art however can be a week... or more (the pain of it is worth it)

    What is your fav AF hair color combo?

    This is a tricky question! It probably depends on my mood but currently I’m seriously loving Arctic Fox’s Periwinkle, it’s the perfect blue to pastelize!! You could probably pair it up with any other colour and it just magically works, it's fairy dust ✨

    What is your fav type of braid style?

    Probably double dutch braids since I’m pretty lazy and need a way to control all that crazy bed head.

    Tell us more about your plant collection!

    I feel like I’ve been blessed to be able to ramble about my plant babies!! I’ve got 10 succulents and cacti that sit happily by my window sill, bathing in the new found sunlight that London has suddenly been getting. I’ve had to accept that one will forever be called ‘Big T' which stands for 'Toe'… since it was a gift from my best friend 😂

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Wherever life takes me… I’m happy with just going with the flow.

    Name one thing on your bucket list!

    You can barely see stars here in London so I think anywhere that I can see the entire bare night sky and sit under it for hours suits me. Seeing a million stars or the Northern Lights has always been my ultimate dream.


    You can find Avalon on Instagram: @themermaidchapters

    Magical Q&A with @anastasjia | #FoxFamily

    Wander off for a bit and get to know this ethereal daydreamer, Anastasjia: 

    Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Anastasjia!
    I am a 23-year-old daydreamer who is always thirsty for adventure! Whether it’s somewhere deep in the forest, lost in an antique store, or inside a book…I am always seeking magic in my mind. Although I am introverted, I love to share my many thoughts and creations with the world online. I am a Youtuber who documents my journey, lifestyle and fashion… and I may make one too many dad jokes. I am an awkward bundle of joy, or at least that’s what my mom says…

    Oregon is where I currently reside, but home is somewhere I have yet to find! I like to think home is somewhere deep inside our minds.

    What inspires you?
    I get inspiration from everything around me; the wind in my hair, the shade of lipstick the cashier chose to wear that day, blooming flowers through the cracks of cement…there is beauty and inspiration in everything if you look close enough.

    When did you first dye your hair? What color did you choose?
    I first started dyeing my hair when I was 15-years-old. My choice was the most horrific (now terrific) blend of orange tone highlights. I thought I was the coolest highlighted girl in school, let’s be honest.

    Where would you go in a time travel machine and why?
    If I could get my hands on a time travel machine, you best believe I would be out of here in a heartbeat! I have always considered myself an old soul, so to choose an era would be difficult! I would love to visit ancient Egypt and witness the pyramids being built, but I would also adore the simple sixties as well!

    You post some lovely photos of flowers on your IG! What is your favorite flower and why?
    'Tis the blooming season! My feed changes with the seasons and right now Oregon is blooming beautifully! I would say my favorite flower would be babies breath or daisies. I love simplistic beauty.

    If you had one more day to live, what would you do?
    If I were to only have one day left to live, I would most definitely spend it with my loved ones! I would hope to spend it reminiscing on old memories while exploring a forest or a childhood landmark.

    If you could only drink 3 different beverages for the rest of you life, what would they be?
    If I could only drink three different beverages for the rest of my life I would chose coconut water, apple juice, and vegan chai tea lattes. Hands down.

    If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?
    If I could be any animal I would chose to be a blue bird. No other animal represents freedom, innocence and expression quite like the vocal little blue bird.

    What is your favorite book or movie and why?
    One of my favorite books and movies is The Virgin Suicides. I found the book and film in my early teen years and felt instantly connected to the melancholy yet dreamy vibes. The story is tragic and moving, I would describe it as a beautiful mess.

    What do you wish to accomplish before this year ends?
    Honestly, this year has been a rough one for me in regards to motivation and expression. I hope to get back to creating and exploring more often!  All-in-all, I am hoping to get back into expressing myself unapologetically!

    Find more of Anastasjia on her Instagram: @anastasjia and her Youtube channel!

    Q&A with Summer Goddess @sn0ok I #FOXFAMILY

    Jack White, skydiving, and a good hard cider. Read on to learn more about this Youtuber/makeup artist, Samantha!

    Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Samantha? 
    Hi!! I always feel like I sound so boring when I try to answer these kinds of questions but I’ll give it a go! My name is Sam, I’m 21-year- old girl from South Carolina, and I love all things makeup and beauty related!


    What city did you grow up in?
    I was born in Florida, but I’ve pretty much spent my entire life growing up in the lil' town  of Anderson, SC! I’ve moved around a bit since I graduated high school, but for now I’m back to an area just outside of my hometown.

    Tell us about your fur babies!
    Ooh boy, the loves of my life. I’ve got 2 kitties, Peanut and Pip. They’re trouble makers, but I love them. Then I’ve got a small lil' pup, Pixie. She’s a Xoloitzcuintli, aka a Mexican Hairless, aka she has no fur. She’s spoiled rotten but has so much personality and I love her to pieces!

    When did you first dye your hair? What color did you choose?
    The first time I ever dyed my hair I believe was in middle school. I had my friends put purple in the back/underneath of my hair. At the time I still had my natural dirty blonde hair, and we didn’t bleach it or anything, it was quite a mess. Since then I’ve dyed my hair nearly ever color of the rainbow!

    What was the last band you saw perform live?
    I’m not a super huge concert-goer, I tend to be quite shy and feel most comfortable around my own friends and family. Needless to say, I haven’t been to too many concerts, but the last one I went to was Music Midtown in Atlanta. I saw so many amazing performances, but I think my top 2 favs were Lana Del Rey and Jack White!

    What is your favorite lipstick shade?
    Such a tough choice! I think I’ll have to go with bright-neon orange!

    What are two things on your bucket list?
    I think of things I’d like to do all the time, but always end up forgetting them. I should probably start to write them down. Hmm. As cliché as it is, I’d really love to go skydiving. Oh! I also would really love to travel specifically to the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

    If you had to pick only one movie to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Oh goodness. For sure I’d have to choose “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. It’s probably my all time favorite movie because I used to watch it with my mom, so it’s kind of “our” movie.

    Name three of your favorite drink beverages!
    Root Beer, Mountain Dew Baja Blast, and a good hard cider.

    What do you wish to accomplish before this year ends?
    Before the year ends, my goal is to keep building my Youtube page. To film more, to edit better, and just overall for it to grow and gain a personal relationship with my followers.

    You can catch Samantha on Instagram:  @sno0k and on Youtube