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Viivi is so cool. She love cats. She also has phenomenal style. Read on to learn why!


Happy belated birthday! It's a new year and you've just turned 26. What's the first thing you are going to be working on in 2017?

Thank you! I usually skip New Year’s resolutions, because I believe in pushing yourself towards your goals all year round instead of just making a new list of things at the beginning of each year. I’m currently focusing on my studies and working as a graphic designer while preparing myself for university in the future!



Your hair is so happy and bright. Why yellow instead of a more common color?

I actually had yellow hair twice when I was a teenager! Back then I wanted to avoid bleaching too much while still going through as many bright colors as possible. So I changed colors in a pattern like: yellow to orange, orange to red, red to pink and pink to purple. Yellow was a good color to start the cycle with.

Before going yellow again last year, I had spent the past 3.5 years with pastel purple hair and before that I had grey hair, so I was ready for a more radical change. During those years, I had been thinking about dyeing my hair yellow every now and then, but because I am a person who thinks of their hair color as a part of their identity, I had a hard time leaving the purple after being with it for so long. However, I missed the yellow from over 10 years ago and after one night of discussing it and getting encouragement from my friends, I decided to go for it.

Right now I kinda wish I had the guts to do it sooner, that’s how cool I think it is!
I also think it’s cool that it’s one of the rare colors you don’t see so often. Usually everyone wants to get rid of their yellow tones instead of embracing it.



Where do you get your vibrant fashion inspiration from?

I discovered visual kei, a Japanese visual rock music genre when I was twelve and it led me to Japanese street fashion and alternative styles which are still my main inspiration to this day and a big reason for me to visit japan annually to stock up on some cool outfits. I follow a large number of artists and brands I like and other cool people on Instagram who I take inspiration from and make it my own. I also get inspired by different color combos and lately I’ve been obsessed with primary colors, because bright reds and blues work so well with yellow hair!


Do you have any pets or do you wanna get one?

I love cats and there have almost always been cats around me while growing up. I often dream about sharing my bed with ten cats but at this point in my life, I don’t want anything to hold me back when I want to travel or move around.

I also like small and chubby dogs, like french bulldogs or pugs, but I think I’m too much of a cat person to actually ever have a dog of my own. Big dogs scare the shit out of me.


What do you see yourself doing with your social media for the next few years?

I would like to work with many cool and interesting brands and companies that I believe in! It’s very important to me that I get to pick the brands that are interesting to me, so they would fit my image and make it appealing for my followers as well. I don’t want to lie and stand behind something I don’t believe in or what I personally wouldn’t purchase.

I’ve secretly been dreaming about landing a collab that would involve me designing something, so I hope I can accomplish that one day!


Who or what has motivated you to build your social media presence?

At first it wasn’t intentional at all. I put myself online because everyone was doing it and it was a good way to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. I started blogging because it was fun to share bits of my life and style and after noticing I started to get followers, I kept doing it. I blogged for 8 years until I felt like it had lost the fun in it for me.

After a while I noticed that Instagram could offer me the same kind of fun I originally enjoyed with blogging, but without the feel of pressure to write a wall of text and post lots of photos every time to be considered as good. I think Instagram suits my interest the best and that’s why I’m focusing on it at the moment.

I’m still a small fry in the sea of popular Instagram influencers, but I hope I can grow by staying true to myself.


Who or what inspires you to become a better person in life?

My friends. I’m lucky to have such hard working and thriving people around me to call my friends. What we share besides the weird sense of humor, is the sense of perfectionism that makes us all do our best and aim higher, no matter what the goal is. Being very strict towards yourself is both a curse and a blessing. It might seem that you’re never satisfied with your achievement, but it’s also a force that pushes you forward and keeps you from getting sloppy. I find that very inspiring.


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