Coffee, makeup, and YouTube ...sounds good to us! Learn more about what Tessa loves!

Tell us about yourself!

I've been living in the Netherlands now over a year, working in a tattoo and piercing shop. Gaining inspiration. I’ve always loved all things colorful and bold. I've been on YouTube now for over 10 years! ...I LOVE dying hair!


What is your nationality?

British, independent business woman.


What initially inspired you to start your own social media channels?

I get bored easily... so one day I discovered YouTube... when I was 12 years old... and I was inspired to make how to videos! I'm now 23 and still continue to create how to videos ... now helping to inspire people all round the world... a journey to self discovery!


What does your morning routine look like?

COFFEE! Always a coffee in the morning, followed by some quick makeup, foundation, mascara and winged eyeliner :) Keeping up to date with the YouTube and Instagram... Then try and get creative and make something totally awesome!


What is your top beauty secret/hack?

Putting a little bit of Arctic Fox Hair Color in my conditioner bottle, so when I wash my hair it keeps the color nice and bright! :) It's like magic!


Describe your dream vacay!

I love traveling, I’ve been to a few places. Being English I love the Dutch life! Aha... but I would love to visit the U.S. again... I went open sea fishing YEARS ago at Miami Beach and that was amazing!


Go-to beverage and/or cocktail?

Strawberry daiquiri PLEASE. Mmmm I don't normally drink alcohol but now I do, it's nice with friends.


Name 3 songs on your current music playlist!

I'm obsessed with Die Antwoord at the moment. I like music to have a good beat. I listen to anything from techno/dubstep to instrumental classical ;)


What goals do you want to accomplish this year?

Goal is to create some more awesome content on social media and make some WICKED tutorials on YouTube!


You can catch Tessa on Instagram @tessaar3 and on YouTube at Tessaar.


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