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Space Cowgirl Mixes

Howdy, Fox Fam 🤠 Have you tried our newest color, Space Cowgirl? Solo, she’s a neon green that will have the aliens phoning home 👽✌ but mixed with some of our other AF shades and you’ll be coming back for more. Check out some of our faves below ⬇ Aquamarine & Space Cowgirl This might be our favorite teal mix to date 😋 To get this green shifted teal mix, start with a heavy base of Space Cowgirl and slowly add in small dollops of Aquamarine until your desired shade is achieved. #AFprotip Aquamarine is a VERY pigmented shade. Be sure to add in small bits at a time of the shade can overpower Space Cowgirl in this mix. Poseidon & Space Cowgirl This bright evergreen shade has ALL of our attention at the moment 😍🌲 To achieve this look, mix ⅔ Space Cowgirl and ⅓ Poseidon and live all of our evergreen dreams 💚 Periwinkle & Space Cowgirl Let’s keep this one on ice ❄😏 Get this icy green shade by mixing equal parts Periwinkle and Space Cowgirl for a one-of-a-kind green. Neon Moon & Space Cowgirl Chartreuse is IT for us and this mix will have you just as OBSESSED as we are 💫 Start with a heavy base of Neon Moon and add in a ¼ ratio of Space Cowgirl to achieve this look. Frosé & Space Cowgirl For our babes who like to keep things peachy 😉 Get this rose gold shade with a peachy shift by mixing ⅔ Frosé and ⅓ Space Cowgirl. #AFprotip Your mix should be true to tone! If your mix looks more brown than peachy, add in more Frosé until the mix looks rose gold 💕 Virgin Pink & Space Cowgirl Start off with a base of Space Cowgirl, slowly adding in dollops of Virgin Pink until you get a rosey copper shade 🧡 #AFprotip Add in some Arctic Mist to pastelize this shade to get more of a peach shift 🍑 What other Space Cowgirl mixes would YOU like to see? Let us know below!

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