Q&A with Nordic beauty @salinesimon I #FoxFamily

Copenhagen queen Saline gives us the low down on makeup, hair and life in our q&a. Read on!

Tell us about yourself! Who is Saline?
I'm a 23-year-old blogger, Youtuber and makeup artist living in Denmark. Growing up I was always super fascinated by mermaids, unicorns and fairytale creatures and when I got a bit older I got really into music (especially 70's and 80's music) and the strong characters in the bands, who really inspired me style wise. I've always been pretty creative and for as long as I remember expressing myself and experimenting with my looks.

When did you your passion for beauty & hair first begin?
As a kid, I loved designing my own clothes, painting my nails in fun colors and dressing up my million Barbie dolls and as soon as I was allowed to grow my hair long it didn't take very long for me to dye it blood red. I remember in 7th grade, the first time I wore a skirt to school, my friends and I were going to a My Chemical Romance concert later that day, so I arrived in class with a huge pink tutu, ripped tights and fishnets, long black hair and black lipstick. People were so shocked and offended and I guess that really sparked something in me haha.

How long have you been a makeup artist for Urban Decay? What's it like working there?
I helped open the brand here in the Nordics back in November 2014 and it's been a super crazy ride - Urban is a badass brand globally, but my journey has come to an end and I'll actually be starting new adventures with another brand in July.

Congrats on being a contestant in the NYX Nordic Face Awards!! Describe your favorite challenge!
Thank you! That was such an experience! I have so much respect for NYX and what they do. They've really brought the community together since they opened here last year and I'm kind of obsessed. I only made it to Top 30 this year, but my favorite look I did was the Northern Lights one. It was inspired by impressionism and raw brushstrokes and I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Inner-spirit animal?   
Probably a mixture between Grumpy Cat and a unicorn. Grumpycorn?

What are your top 3 favorite things to do on a lazy day!

I love taking long baths, pamper my skin and hair and do face masks. Cook yummy food, eat snacks and drink tea. And spend hours and hours in bed watching movies and cuddling. Probably ordering pizza too. Was that more than three things?

Name your all-time fave AF hair color combo!
Well, I'm pretty obsessed with Virgin Pink and Aquamarine on their own, they're such beautiful, rich colors that I always get complimented on. But my fave color combo was last year when I did Aquamarine fading to Purple Rain fading to Virgin Pink - that was so good. Gonna do a remake on that this summer.

We think you are such an amazing role model within the transgender community! What is one piece of advice you can offer someone else who is starting their own transition?
Thank you! My biggest advice would be try to live in the now and don't stress yourself out too much thinking about the future. Things will happen at their own pace, so just enjoy the journey and take all the time you need to figure out what works for you.

What is your favorite life quote that you live by!
''I'll never change for anyone but me.'' That's probably the thing that has resonated with me for the  longest, I think I said it to my Dad when I was 13 and it just kinda stuck with me all along.

You can catch Saline on Instagram: @salinesimon and on Youtube 


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