The Magical @michellemoe | #FoxFamily

Michelle Moé is a stunning designer and makeup artists who creates amazing accessories and cute, whimsical doll faces. Read the q&a below and be sure to follow her on Instagram @michellemoe

Where do you or did you get inspiration for your doll rings and other accessories that you sell in your shop? Many are cute and some are creepy-cute! :O

"My dollface accessories are inspired by all kinds of things! Recently they have been mostly inspired by movies and online personalities that I admire.

Since I'm a huge fan of horror and science fiction movies some accessories look a bit creepy or scary."



Also, your youtube about me says you will soon make clothes. Woah, that's awesome! What's would you call your design aesthetic?

"I wouldn't say that I have a certain aesthetic yet haha. Im still learning and developing my own style. But I will say that the clothes that I will make for my shop are definitely going to be very feminine and magical. Especially the design of the dresses that I'm planning to do will remind you of some of my flower harnesses."



What's your background/where are you from?

"I'm an asian who grew up in Austria. It's that simple c:"



What's your favorite color?




Do you have any pets or do you want one?!

"Unfortunately no but I would love to have a cat or a dog one day!"



What's your most and least favorite things about yourself?

"The most favorite thing about myself is my artsy side. My least favorite would be my laziness"


Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

"Even though its so shady that they stole snapchats whole idea I still like Instagram Stories more."


What do you see yourself doing with your Instagram, and yourself in 2017? What are your plans and aspirations?!

"My plans for 2017 are to be more creative, to be more active on Youtube & to eat healthy and work out. As for my Instagram I guess to share more personal art and ideas and just try to build a more intimate connection with my followers."


Wanna see more of Michelle? Check out her gorgeous youtube channel and swim on over to her magical Instagram page. You won't regret it!

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