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Michelle is straight up beaut, but you didn't need me to tell you that. The pictures say it all.
When did you first coloring your hair?

I started coloring my hair back when I was about 13, and I dyed my hair black for the first time. I did have extremely colored hair when I was 14/15, but I used mainly manic panic and it didn't work out for me. I finally decided to dye my hair again When I was 18 and had graduated high school. It gave myself a sense of identity. I first went pink with Arctic Fox Virgin Pink, then Wrath, then played with the colors all throughout, and a year later and now I only use arctic fox with multiple shades. 

Find any soot sprites recently?!? 

2. Yes! I found plenty of soot sprites; always hiding in the corner of my eyes just peeking out and saying hello.

I hear you have a cat or more than one... do you have a cat? Deets please!

3. I had two cats, my first cat Hendrix now lives in San Fransisco with my eldest sister, and my current cat is one year old, and he's a orange tabby cat named Goku. He loves playing with feathers, jumping on peoples legs and he loves to talk. He's a chatter box. He also loves cuddling early in the morning and will crawl under the sheets with you to sleep. He also loves being taken on walks! Crazy, right? He loves going on cat walks! I don't like having him as an outdoor car because I want to ensure my cats safety so I put him on a harness and walk him from time to time. 

Who are your top fashion inspirations?

4. My top fashion inspirations would definitely have to be anyone that really stands out. Kristen Leanne, Luanna09, EllenVLora, Flamcis; and any tumblr inspiration that I can find. 


What are you doing during the Holidays?

5. I usually spend the holidays with my family and friends; I try to be there for my family most of the time when I'm not working. They're the only family I have! 

What would be the best gift you could ever get?

6. Honestly the best gift I can ever get, I know it's going to sound cheesy but is finding my true happiness. Not only is it a gift but it's an accomplishment to me as well. Being able to find pure happiness in doing things I love and being successful and happy with what I do, is the best thing I can ever receive. Work hard, play hard! 

What do you see yourself doing for the next 3 years? The rest of your life?

7. Within the next three years, I really do see myself going farther into fashion blogging, although my styles might change, I see myself doing more artsy blogs/ modeling along with playing with hair coloring and makeup as well. I do want to be be a positive social influencer for our younger generation. I want to set out a positive vibe for the kids without it having to be so raunchy and weird (Kardashians!) Haha!



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