Is Your Workout Damaging Your Dyed Hair?

While working out is important to implement consistently, we have compiled some hair hacks for our fitness babes, to protect that stunning color! 1. Pre-workout Hair Care Tips Using a dry shampoo before your workout (while your roots are still completely dry) can help absorb any oil or sweat that may be produced during your workout. It may seem silly, but choosing the right hair tie MATTERS. Silk hair ties or scrunchies will be ideal, as they won’t pull on the hair as much as an elastic hair tie. We also recommend that when putting your hair up, to be sure to leave it a tad loose! Making this simple swap could save you from unwanted hair loss and breakage. 2. Switch up you gym look We know all too well that when working out, the last thing we need is hair in our face but could your go-to hairstyle be damaging your hair? The short answer is yes. Not to worry bestie, we’ve got you covered. 💅 Wearing the same hairstyle continuously can cause breakage to your hair, so it’s time to experiment with those super cute space buns that you’ve been thinking about trying 😉 Or maybe you have your eyes on some of our other favorite workout friendly hairstyles: Double Braids @emmybre_ Space Buns @k.v.collective ⤵ View a quick tutorial here. A Non-slip hair clip @grrrl.germs Pigtails @sincerelydalila Which one will you try next?👀 3. Selecting the proper shampoo/conditioner We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Sulfate free shampoo and moisture locking conditioners will save your color from stripping AND slow the overall process of color fading. If you haven’t already tried our Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner set, this is your sign! This set is color safe, sulfate free, packed with amino acids & antioxidants to best protect your hair AND it smells amazing! I mean, what’s not to love? Tip: Rinse your hair with cold water to lock in color and moisture! 4. Did someone say Sauna? Personally, we LOVE a good sauna sesh to go along with our gym pump, so we pulled together some hot tips just for you! 🧖 If you typically rinse off at the gym after hopping into the sauna (with plans on washing your hair), here is my advice: Give your hair a quick wash in the shower using your go-to sulfate free shampoo. After you've rinsed your shampoo out, try adding some conditioner to your hair and grab a sauna hat or a damp towel to cover your hair. This will act as a deep conditioner and will protect your hair from the direct heat, to allow your hair to soak up the moisture from the conditioner. Now, let’s say you don’t have time to hop in the shower, or this isn’t an option at your gym. No worries! All you have to do is cover your hair with a towel (slightly dampened, if you can), to protect your hair from any unnecessary heat. Tip: If you use a lot of styling products, you should rinse or wash your hair before the sauna. Doing so in cool water will also cool the scalp to prevent excessive sweating during your sauna sesh. The last step is the most important of them all… Go ahead and hop into that sauna/steam room for some well deserved relaxation time, bestie! You’ve earned it. Is there anything you’d like more advice on or do you have any questions? Maybe you have some tips of your own that you’d like to share with us and your fellow Fox Fam members? Let us know in the comments below! ⬇

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