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How to Section and Prep Hair for Bleach

By Thuy Pham For those who love to change their hair color often like me, it’s important to understand how to prep and section your hair for bleach and color. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our IG live, I had such a great time showing y'all my best tips and tricks for balayage at home. For those who missed the live, here are my step by step instructions on “How to section and prep hair for bleach” at home. Instructions: Make sure to condition and deep treat your hair before and after bleaching. Gather your tools - Here is what you will need: (3) towels. One for laying down to protect your work surface, one for wrapping around your neck to protect your clothes and a third to use to wipe up messes. (2) applicator brushes Color bowl Small plastic whisk to mix product Gloves - please dont bleach or color without protecting your hands Comb to properly section your hair Hair clips to hold your sectioned hair Arctic Fox - Bleach, Please Before mixing your bleach, make sure to section up your hair. When doing root touch ups or balayage, I section my hair into four sections. Starting down the middle and then right behind the ear. Clip each section back with a hair clip. Mix your bleach according to package instructions. If doing a balayage, mix a 1:1 ratio of bleach and developer. Using a small plastic whisk, gently mix bleach and developer until well blended. You want a paste like consistency (think toothpaste!). To balayage, take a small section of hair and apply the bleach in a tapping motion, making sure to hold the section of hair tightly and taught. Do this until you have balayaged the desired amount of hair. Allow hair to process for 30 minutes or until desired lift (lightness) is achieved. Rinse hair until all bleach is removed. Wash and condition hair with Arctic Fox Resurrected shampoo and conditioner. Ready to try this at home yourself?! Check out my balayage look reveal here: Follow Thuy on Instagram! Thuypdx Mama.Dut.Foods

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