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How to: Apply your Foxology Gel Nail Kit

So you’ve finally caved and purchased our new Foxology Gel Nail Strips and don’t know where to start? Don’t panic! We’ve got your back 💋 Follow along for our step by step instructional PLUS some helpful tips below 👇 What comes in the Foxology Gel Nail Strips? Gel Top Coat 30 nail strips (in 11 different sizes, so there is a fit for everyone) Nourishing prep pad Instruction manual 1 nail file 1 cuticle stick *LED lamp sold separately* Prior to application, you’ll want to: Wash your hands to remove any dirt or oil prior to application ✨ Tip: Any residue, moisture or oil on your nails will reduce/break down the adhesive, so we highly recommend this step Prep cuticles by pushing them back and file your nails to your preferred shape and length. ✨ Tip: If you’d like to add your own nail extensions (such as acrylic nails) for a longer look, you are welcome to do so, as these gel nail strips can be stretched to fit multiple nail sizes. Kindly note, any nail extensions will need to be purchased elsewhere, as this is not part of our Foxology line Wipe nails and cuticles using the Foxology nourishing prep pad Choose a strip that fits your nail size Remove the protective film Once you’ve done this, we’re ready to apply the strips with these 6 easy steps: Center the sticker to your nail and press down in the center of your strip/nail and then press the sides to your nails. Using the cuticle stick, press down the edges of the strip to seal the edges Cut or snip off the edges (can use small scissors or nail clippers for this part) ✨ Tip: Be sure each strip is properly trimmed down, as any overhang can cause chips and cracks Cure for 45-60 seconds using the LED lamp File down the excess nail strip Apply the Foxology Gel Top Coat and cure again for another 45-60 seconds. This will also help to prevent any possible chipping or annoying hair catching. 💅 There ya have it! A fresh AF manicure 💅 For a video instructional on this application process, the Foxology Gel Nail Strip Tutorial can also be found on our YouTube channel. Check it out! Are you loving Foxology and want more? Learn more about our latest launch here! 👀

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