Happy Birthday, Arctic Fox!

Can you believe it?! 10 years ago we set out to create the best prismatic hair line and now we’re coloring and conditioning hair across the globe. WTF was even happening 10 years ago?! Well, it was 2013... -“What does the Fox Say” was the most viral Youtube video of the year...Now we’re always asking “what does the Fox FAM say?!”- Word of the year: SELFIE (how perfect)- Platinum and pastel hair were IT- Pixie cuts and mohawk braids were everywhere- Orange Is the New Black and Breaking Bad were the most talked about TVshows- We were obsessed with cronuts- Miley twerked at the VMA’s- Britney coined the term “work, bitch” Basically, it was the perfect year to launch a brand focused on coloring your world andsaving animals. But what have we done since launching our brand? - Expanded our color line to now include over 20 unique shades- Produced an affordable and high quality hair care line- Launched our Foxology nail gel kits and nail polishes- Became a leader in affordable at-home color- Empowered our Fox Fam to embrace their uniqueness- Helped thousands of animals along the way with your support of AF We can’t wait for what the next 10 years have in store. The impact you’ve helped us make is so much more than we ever imagined when we started Arctic Fox. Thank you so much for all of the support. We are so excited to take you along as we continue thisjourney!

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