WTF is a Hair Level?

Ever wondered what the deal is with "hair levels"? Like, how do you even figure out what level your hair is on? It might seem a bit puzzling, but it's just a fancy way of saying how light or dark your hair is. Knowing your level can really help level up your dye game 🌈✨ Let's break it down! Each hair level corresponds to a different shade: 1: Dark black 🖤 2: Black 🕶️ 3: Deep dark brown ☕ 4: Dark brown 🍫 5: Medium brown 🍂 6: Light brown 🌰 7: Dark blonde 🍯 8: Medium blonde 🌼 9: Light blonde 🌟 10+ and above: Platinum blonde to platinum white ❄️ Levels 1-5 These are the darker shades in town. Level 1 is like the deepest, darkest black you can imagine, no brown in sight! Semi-permanent hair colors won't even make a dent on level 1 hair because it's just too dark for any pigment to show through. As you climb up the levels, your hair gets lighter, with level 5 hitting those medium to lighter brown hues. If your hair falls in this range, opt for darker, more pigmented colors like Purple AF, Wrath, or Aquamarine hair dyes for that rich hue! 💜💥 Purple AF hair dye on light brown Levels 6-7 Now we're stepping into that light brown/dark blonde zone. Most of our deeper and highly pigmented colors work like a charm on hair at levels 6 and 7, giving you a shade or two darker than they would on a pre-lightened base. Get ready to rock shades like Violet Dream (my current favorite purple hair dye right now!), Sunset Orange, Phantom Green, Poison, and Ginger Flare hair dye for those bold vibes! 🌈🔥 View this post on Instagram A post shared by REMM! (@remmiegustaa) Level 8 If you're sitting pretty at level 8, you're in that sweet spot where Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair colors really come to life! Most of our AF hair dyes will pop vibrantly on a level 8 base, so go ahead and experiment with Electric Paradise - our UV reactive electric pink hair dye, or Iris Green - the *perfect* grassy green shade, for some serious wow factor! 🎨💚 Level 9 Not quite platinum, but still light enough to show off vibrancy, level 9 hair can handle almost any semi-permanent color. Think Porange (pink-orange and UV reactive hair color), Cosmic Sunshine (our true yellow hair dye), or Neon Moon (the most electric yellow UV hair shade you could imagine!) for those radiant looks! Just be mindful of those yellow tones in blonde hair – they can give lighter blue shades a greenish tinge. Combat that with a touch of Purple AF, since purple cancels out yellow tones to add some balance! 💛💙 Cosmic Sunshine hair dye on Level 9 Level 10 + above Welcome to the land of platinum blonde! With almost no yellow tones to worry about, you can rock any color under the sun! Have fun and play around with some Arctic Mist Diluter, and see how some of your favorite colors look as pastels. Pastel hair colors shine brightest on a level 10 base or lighter, so feel free to mix and match those shades to create your own unique style! Whether it's Poseidon, Periwinkle, or Sterling, your hair is gonna be poppin'! 🌈✨ View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🌱Alyssa Nicole🌱 (@alyssa.nicoleyt) Natural Blonde Hair? If you're blessed with naturally blonde locks, figuring out how semi permanent hair colors will turn out is a bit trickier. Bleached hair tends to hold onto pigment better, so unbleached hair might need a little extra love to achieve those vibrant results. Stick to darker and highly pigmented colors like Purple AF, Aquamarine, and Wrath hair colors. For the best outcome, always do some test strands first! 💁‍♀️💖 Natural Red Hair? GINGER FLARE GINGER FLARE GINGER FLARE! Ginger Flare dye on a natural redhead is STUNNING! It enhances your already enchanting locks, and takes your red hair to the next level. When in doubt, flare it out! If you want to try some new colors, use the color wheel to find colors that will compliment your red hair, like Purple AF. Avoid green hair dye or colors opposite of your specific shade of red. Always do a strand test to see how your red hair reacts to our semi-permanent dyes. But for real - why are you waiting to try Ginger Flare! How Light Can You Go? Listen up, folks – take it slow with the lightning process! Going from dark to light takes time and patience, so don't rush it. Gradually lighten your hair using quality products to keep it healthy and happy, starting with the crowd pleaser Bleach, Please. Don’t forget the pre-bleach and post bleach hair care, like Money Hunny hair repair serum, Resurrected shampoo and conditioner, and a luscious hair care mask like Pool Party (you and your hair deserve a little treat!). Don’t forget to protect your bleach hair from the sun with OG Hair Perfume and UV protectant. And if you're ever feeling unsure, shoot us an email at [email protected] or consult a pro stylist. Your hair deserves the royal treatment! 💇‍♀️💕

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