Foxology: What’s Your Weekend?

First, there was Something For Everyone, from black cats to rainbow cotton candy. We sold out of some of our most popular nail gel strips just after launching because you loved them THAT much. Now, we’re excited to introduce our latest Foxology Nail Gel Strips Collection, What’s Your Weekend?, inspired by all the fun things we know the Fox Fam does on their days off. These next 12 gel nail strips will take you from a day at the museum to a late night tattoo session. With new colors, prints, and patterns, make sure you have your camera ready to snap away the memories. Start your weekend off with a BFF coffee date at your local coffee shop. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your mani matching that amazing latte-art from your favorite barista. Feeling the need to slow down after a long week? Zen out with this calm and serene manicure. Once your nails are done, pop into a yoga class, focus on your breathing and reconnect with yourself. Namaste, babe. Overall, this collection has more neutral shades and tones which we LOVE for fall. If you’re running out the door, all you need is 10 minutes to achieve a salon-worthy manicure. This minimalist design goes with any look and is truly a work of art on its own. Disneyland anyone?! Hit the park with your besties or solo. Just make sure you find Minnie Mouse. If anyone will appreciate gold bows and polka dots, it’s her! We know our Fox Fam loves bold colors and of course, animals. We also know you love spending time getting some fresh ink. With so many of you covered in tattoos, we knew we had to add some “Ink” to our latest Foxology collection! Don’t forget to check out our 2 minute video on how to apply Foxology Gel Nail Strips!

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