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Entering our Grunge Era

You know grunge is back in a big way for spring 2023 when supermodel Kate Moss rocks tattered jeans, a plain T, and an oversized plaid shirt on the catwalk. With the fashion industry currently focused on thrifting and sustainability, dealing with a seemingly never ending pandemic, the current polarized political climate, and Pluto entering Aquarius for the first time since 1777 (if you are into astrology, this is a period of chaotic energy and big change!), it makes perfect sense why grunge would also be making a resurgence. Grunge was originally a social statement fueled by a new style of music, and when it was reflected in clothing bent all of the rules that were deemed acceptable in society. Men were dying their hair pink and growing it long, wearing make up, and breaking the rules of masculinity, while women opted for short or messy hair, and played into oversize clothes for a more androgynous look. It was a time to break the rules, and now it’s time to break them again. Whether it is a Seattle- style thrifted oversized plaid, or a more modern take on the grunge aesthetic - just a little less polished and a little more clash - the natural evolution of fashion this spring is to lean into the mess. The overall message we will be seeing right now is: Do whatever the F*ck you want!

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